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  1. Seems to be working great on my end. Thank you for taking care of it so well
  2. Thanks for the update and sorry it is messing with you and acting all crazy. I hope it starts behaving better. Thanks for taking care of it, and good luck with it all.
  3. Thank you for fixing it. It seems to be working just fine for me now, I was able to run the test and see my speeds are in the usual 250 range. Thanks again
  4. Thank you so very much for responding to my post and giving me that information. I am sorry you are having issues with your database and server, but am very happy to know it isn't something wrong on my end. I will just be patient as you work it all out. Thank you again for responding and letting me know. I wish you a lot of good luck in getting everything worked out and situated. I also thank you for providing this great site for testing our speeds, it, and you, are very much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me connect to testmy.net speed test site. I have used this site without problem for over a year, but tonight I ran a test, the results were much less than I usually get, so I deleted the results from my saved tests, then reset my modem. After my modem came back up, I could not connect to the site that runs the speed tests. I can connect to every other site I try, including the forum, but when I try to go to the test site, it goes to a page that just says... Connect failed: Connection refused. I have restated my computer, used Ccleaner to clear my cookies and cache, just as I have for years, yet when I try to get the site to load the speed tests, I get a page that says... Connect failed: Connection refused While I can use any other speed test site without a problem even after not being able to use this site to test my speed, and my speeds are right back to the high speed of around 250 that I expect, this is the only speed site I care to use. Does anyone have any ideas that might make it so I can use this site to test my speeds again? Thank you for any and all help you might be able to give me
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