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  1. Hi David, I actually ended up having my issue resolved after a lot of time. I ended up getting one of the local tech supervisors to come out to my house and they placed a call to "a guy they know" that worked in a different department/area. We were able to do some extensive testing and discovered there was an issue in their Chicago data center with a load balancer. I don't know if it was due to faulty hardware or a bad config loaded onto the load balancer, but once they 'fixed' it I have not had issues.
  2. Hi all, I've been having some pretty severe connection speed issues lately with Charter/Spectrum in the Saint Louis area (see my results for example). I noticed it start back in September when regular images and gifs would take anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute to load. I'm currently on a 100/5 plan, and everything was fine prior to that, but am seeing speeds dip down to 500Kbps or lower in regular intervals. I've been capturing a lot of wireshark data and running a lot of autotests and it appears that the issue is just getting worse. Wireshark is showing
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