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  1. Intermittent Drop Out

    Thank you for your replies. Most Helpful. I am trying the batch file Sean has suggested. It is showing that I am indeed losing internet connection at an alarming frequency. Now the problem is to find the cause. ....... The setup here is through a modem attached to a router that then has cables to all the devices (PC, Tivo, Smart Tv, Xbox, alarm system etc). I have attached a laptop running the linktest batch directly to the modem with the idea of seeing if it is a post or pre modem problem. Any other suggestions? Early results show some dropping on that laptop but not always at the same time as the PC....
  2. Intermittent Drop Out

    Hi. I was wondering what is the best method to see if my internet is intermittently dropping. I have recently started watching streaming TV (Stan) and it will tell me that I am offline about 8 times during a movie. It will reconnect almost immediately. Is there a test that will run continuously for a period of time and measure any drop outs? thanks
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