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  1. Here's Miami: ← Re-Test Download :: 73.3 Mbps 9.2 MB/s Upload :: 5.8 Mbps 723 kB/s Speed in Mbps206% faster than The Index 24 Mbps225% faster than the US Average 22.6 Mbps224% faster than My City Average 22.6 Mbps63% faster than My Host Average 45 Mbps2% faster than My Average 71.6 MbpsMy Download Speed 73.3 Mbps05101520253035404550556065707580225% faster than the US Average: 22.6 Mbps Speed in Mbps31% slower than The Index 8.4 Mbps18% slower than the US Average 7.1 MbpsComparable to My City Average 6.7 Mbps21% slower than My Host Average 7.4 Mbps16% faster than My Average 5 MbpsMy Upload Speed 5.8 Mbps00.511.522.533.544.555.566.577.588.5931% slower than The Index: 8.4 Mbps Your speed had a 84% middle variance TiP Summary - Minimum :: 48.28 Mbps | Middle :: 72.89 Mbps | Maximum :: 118.62 Mbps
  2. I'm in South Florida, have Comcast Cable & pay $39.95 per month.
  3. Thanx for your answer to my post, sorry you didn't realize an increase in speed. I just rechecked my speeds and it's Download :: 63.9 Mbps 8 MB/s Upload :: 5.7 Mbps 713 kB/s so I stand corrected claiming 66.9/5.6 consistently. You're definitely right when you said speed & pricing varying by location, and it sounds like you are pretty rural (not all bad living in beautiful VT). I'm beginning to think that the few companies that offer internet plans are all a little bit shady and will do or promise almost anything for our dollars. The biggest by far . . . being Comcast!!!
  4. Wow! Those are the almost exact speeds I was getting with AT&T here in Florida paying $46 a month. Pretty slow & pretty expensive. I switched to Comcast & now pay $49 a month and have been getting 66.9/5.6 consistently with spikes of 75(depending on time of day). Hopefully the merger you speak of will make a big difference. Good Luck!
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