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  1. DO NOT subscribe to Hugesnet!!! DO NOT! They don't provide the speed they promise, your data "vanishes" into thin air, even when it was physically impossible that you used it, the "customer support team" doesn't speak English, they will not pass you up to a supervisor, you will waste literally hours trying to make the service work, and then even after you prove that it doesn't, and they cannot fix it, you will still be obligated to pay an early disconnect fee to get rid of them. I've had them for 5 months, I've been on the phone with CS an average of once a week and could have been on the line with them daily, for all the good it would do...they can't answer your questions, they can't fix your service, they can't adjust your bill. Time spend with CS only leaves you more frustrated, and apparently they don't keep records on file about complaints, or pretend not to, because every time you call in you have to start back at the beginning and talk to several people who do not speak English and who cannot fix your problems. Switching to Hugesnet was possibly the worst decision I've made in years, it has nearly destroyed my ability to run my small business ( because i also have their phone service, which doesn't work randomly, and drops calls...this is was supposed to be a replacement for a landline service, not cell service. When have you ever heard of a landline service dropping calls?!?) I finally went out and bought a high power antenna so that i could just watch network TV, since with hughesnet I couldn't use HULU, NetFlix or Amazon prime...all of which I paid for! I even subscribed to PlayOn so that I could use the "free bonus data" available between 2 and 8AM to record shows to watch at a time when I would normally be watching TV ( because you literally cannot stream anything with hugesnet. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.) and during these supposed offpeak hours Playon couldn't get enough speed to record anything. Often it would shut off because speeds were too slow for it to record, other times it would spend 4-5 hours trying to record a 1/2 hour show, and it would be so pixilated that you couldn't make out figures or faces on the recording, leaving you with a soundtrack of a show but no actual show to watch. It happens all the time, as in every single day, regardless of the time of day. I have replaced both my computer and my TV to try and make this service operate even close to what they promise....hundreds of dollars, all for nothing. Nothing works with Hugesnet. There is no way to get actual help, and they know they have people over a barrel because they make you commit to a 2 year contract over the phone when you sign up, and you have to pay an absurd amount to cancel a service that just plain doesn't work and never will. This is a company that is ripe for another class action lawsuit, and God willing someone will start one and put these crooks out of business for good. This is no exaggeration, it's all true, and if you want to read more horror stories about them just type Hugesnet scam into your searchbar. WORST. COMPANY. EVER.
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