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  1. I don't know a lot about a lot of the testing that my isp (ATT) does when they come out to tell me every time that the is no problem with my signal, which may well be the case. However, when I am surfing and I click on a link, ant link, it takes 10 of 15 seconds or open when no one else is streaming. I pay for a 12 mbs service because that is all my ISP says that the old copper lines will support. OK, I can live with that. However, all of the speed tests (Ookla, ATT Speed Test and Testmy.net) all say that I am running in the 2.5 mbs range, except when the ATT tech shows up ,
  2. I am 5700 feet from the fiber connection (VARD?) on a copper pair. Based on the ISP's data, we were at 98% if the available signal with no buffer with the 18 MBS service They suggested lowering to 12 MBS and provide additional buffer. Now we are running at about 70% of the buffer. Our signal strength runs around 65 db. Based on their equipment, my line shows no or very few errors, but they acknowledge a problem. The strange thing is that just before a technician arrives, the speed goes up to or above what I pay for, a couple of hours after they leave back to almost nothing. Since I d
  3. Seems like ATT service sucks where ever you are and whatever platform you are on. I have been fighting them for years over poor and inconsistent connections and speed. No competition, they don't care. Complained to FCC and got a little movement for a while, but hack to status quo. Go to Google Fiber and put your name in, 10X the speed and 20% less cost.
  4. I have been having a long term connection problem with my ATT connection. At first, we were on the standard DLS, then after having so many connection outages, we upgraded to U-Verse, which was a little better, but we still could not stream much of anything, even with a direct wired connection to the modem. We upgraded to a faster U-Verse connection (18 MBS). Until a tech would arrive, we never tested at 18 MBS. The highest we tested was 17.4 MBS, but averaged 4 MBS and still could not stream most of the time without out interruptions. The house was rewired with new Cat 5 cab
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