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  1. Alright That ends my little question spree for now, I'll ask some more later...
  2. Sorry, it's just I'm completely ignorant towards these types of things; I'm wondering what makes these rented modems garbage? What actual first-hand experiances/problems can arise from using one? And you say they probably havn't tested it, so pretty much any cable modem should work with a cable connection?
  3. Now, why would that motorola be supported, but not the one you suggested? And other than the price/renting, would one I buy be more reliable, or are they all about the same?
  4. Why so few? And which of those seems best? What difference would a modem that I buy have over one they supply?
  5. How about this: Usually, are the modems that you can rent from the ISPs any good? Or would it be a safer bet to just buy my own? (suggestions?) My current DSL modem likes to drop the connection, constantly.
  6. So safest bet would just be to use Rogers? (The local cable company).
  7. Alright then... Seems I only have 1 cable provider in my area...Rogers :/ Are different ISPs able to use the same cable line? Or would they need an independant one? I know Bell's lines have to be shared with all DSL companies, but not sure about cable, as Rogers is the only one as far as I know that has a line laid.
  8. Well, eventually I got this sorted out...I was told my line couldn't handle the >1mbit speeds (joy), and was overpaying for a 3/5mbit line, so their solution was knock off $12 a month. Now, that's all good, but I still am thinking about a switch...(did I mention, I'm using the bundle, so if I stop the internet service, I lose long distance (free) and $10 off the total bill?). Anyways, no DSL is able to give me >1mbit speeds apparently because of my crappy lines (can anyone confirm/deny this?) so I was thinking about switching to cable and had a couple questions. 1. With a 5mbit cable line being daisychained around, what speeds should I really expect? 2. Are dropoffs common with cable? (I get them alot with DSL of any company) 3. Is cable speed usually consistant? 4. What's involved with setting up a cable connection? (I don't even have cable TV). How much is generally charged, and do the ISPs do it themselves? Thanks
  9. Pretty much....my ISP lied about everything. I'm on wires that apparently "can't handle" a 3mbit connection (is this possible?). The 3mbit lines were easily converted to 5, but the 1s can't get upgraded unti lthe physical lines are changed. Yet, I've been apying for a 3/5 line for so long, and only getting 1. That's bullshit. When monday comes I'm calling them to get a refund... Just curious, if they can only offer a 1mbit line to me, would this be the same throughout ISPs?
  10. Went to my modem (speedstream 5200) ip was different And I can't find what I'm looking for...just general info, nothing about a cap.
  11. K, I'll get back to you on that, I have to leave my house right now, emergency, thanks for help, I'll tell you what I find later.
  12. Where would the control panel for it be? (Sorry for being so ignorant ) And ya, I've called my ISP, though never about a cap before, usually just about low speeds and they tell me that maybe my area just can't get the full speeds...but I mean...1mbit consitantly?
  13. I have a modem issued by sympatico, so not really sure how to check that.
  14. Bell Sympatico, I live in a suberb near Toronto DSL Win XP SP2 Using a Dlink router, modem to router to computers Lines have been checked, some things replaced. (corroded wires in the box outside).
  15. I was directed here by someone who told me you guys would be able to help And searching detect cap, caps, remove caps, didn't do much... So...I'm on an advertised 5mbit line (3mbit avaliable to my area) and have a real speed of 1mbit, and I mean right on. Every test I run here: 1003 kbps (122 kB/s) 1003 kbps (122 kB/s) 1001 kbps (122 kB/s) And I can bet you any part in my computer that if I run it again, any time of the day, it'll be right on the 1mbit dot. If that's not a cap, I really don't know what's going on. However, I can't really accuse my ISP of a cap without some sort of proof, so I was wondering how I could test that. Thanks
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