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  1. Hey everyone. I was just wondering, is there any way to have the browser download and upload at the same time instead of downloading then uploading separately? I wanna emulate real time data transfer by measuring the concurrent upload and download speed. Like maxing out my line completely. Another cool thing would be to repeat the test or the test i mentioned above until the user presses "Stop." Like seriously, can't you write javascript to generate random data for packets to upload instead of having to download the upload data? The random function and srand(); would work wonders, as the same data is generated with the same seed. So with a seed of let's say 100, both the server and client would generate the same data, since the srand() function is psuedo-random. I know I'm new and I'm already making suggestions on how to change things, but it'd be ever so much more convenient... and professional. Think about it, upload and download at the same time by passing a pointer to the memory location of the download data and sending as much of it back as possible. Yes, I have background in javascript and C++ with some HTML.
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