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  1. http://img524.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lando4.jpg does that mean anything
  2. sorry about all the posts but i thought it was fixed , but its not. = ( as soon as i turned on my brothers pc and connected him, it went bad again. any more suggestions??
  3. well. looks like that fixed it , finally. thanks lots for the help man!
  4. its a netgear wgtg24 v3. its only been acting up in the last week out of the 3 months ive had it. is firmware like the drivers for it? if so where can i get it for my model?
  5. hello anyone there??? my router is slowing down my net bad.
  6. well when i do the address for the modem , i cant get into it with the name and password that the router gives me. (but i did login with it when i first installed the router?) i CAN get on routerlogin.net though. ive messed with the dns servers and i AM using the coorect ones, ive fiddled with the mtu and the security settings, no differences though. my ping spikes in game servers from like 50 to like 700, sometimes thousands.
  7. well it worked fine for a few months. only now is it messin up and btw im like sitting here holding it at eye level, and it seems to be not spiking as much........ O_o nope nevm does the same when i put it down. what can be causing the speed to go up and down so much.. //////// lol.
  8. well its only sitting on this big wooden thing. right next to a large metal file cabinet. i heard these cause interference but, it does the same thing when i move it, and that wouldnt be effecting the connection at this computer would it? only my bros? and the computer is in my basement , its hot, humid, a lot of moisture in the air, i bet the moisture just killed it, do u think? hmm idk what to do now man.
  9. yeah. im on the pc with the modem and router here and he has that antennae thingy over there. i went into the settings and there is no one else connected, i also put a password on it, no difference. and there is no interference from any phones or other appliances. ive scanned both pcs, nothing. i know its a prob with the router because it works great with the ethernet goin only to the modem and it used to work fine, not sure why it is messed up now
  10. mk. im really sorry about all these posts. but this is just frustrating. internet was fine a half an hour ago. but now its the same as it was. im looking at the statistics for transmit and receive right now on my brothers computer, and the chart just goes up and down and even more so when i connect to a halo server. up and down up and down.
  11. i cant modify my last posts O_o, but my net is fine now but my bros pc cant connect to router ? and i cant get on routerlogin.net or the other login . poop!!! ok i reset my connection, and my brothers pc is good now.lol. sorry for all the posts guys, but hopefully everything is good now. thanks for your help and have a nice day!! (i hope there is no more problems) =P
  12. now working normally,lol. ill let you know if there is any problems. thanks alot guys cya
  13. ok guys, i thought i should do that too, so hopefully, ill be back on with a good connection later! thank you much i reset it and all was well but got some huge ping spikes. download rate is normal 150-180 Kbps. took a bit to connect to messaging progs. another question. i dont understand how my download rate is fine, but ping for gameservers is doing weird spikes. like 60 (normal) to 400? thank you for advice =) oh yes and should i consider reseting my modem? when i do the http.// (for my router) why does the title say westell (name of
  14. it started about 4 days ago, when i couldnt get on any websites , but everything else was fine. (normal ping in all game servers). so i figured the problem were the DNS servers that i was using.(i guess the ones i were using, got erased from my settings??) so i went and googled around a bit for some, but all of the ones i used seemed really slow. So i contacted my ISP (verizon) and they gave me the correct ones to use. so i thought "hey great this will fix it!". so i went to routerlogin, changed it, and it did nothing. and now everything is messed up! I have like 600-1500 ping in all game s
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