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  1. Maximum I got from testmy.net ISP: Ozone in France it costs 37€ a month, including router fee, and phone (not mobile) communication
  2. Hello there! I recently upgraded my internet connection to a 1Gbps fiber! I discovered your site when I tried to check my real speed. This should be 1Gbps download and 400Mbps upload. And the test are not that much but very good: about 800Mbps/300Mbps. Your site is a very good place to do this test, thanks for your job! But I'm little bit surprised that not so many people have that fast connection. When I see the member rank, I don't see so many members with this speed. Now, if some people have tips and advise about wireless connection, I'll accept them with pleasure, because mine is not very good... Cheers guys!
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