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  1. Zanild

    My speed test...help!

    The modem/router (?) is an HT2000W
  2. Zanild

    My speed test...help!

    We have a wireless with Hughes, nothing is ever wired. My laptop sits 10 feet away from from the modem. That test I did was wireless, from my laptop. This has been the issue the whole time. They upgraded once and that did not help. It was continually dropping connection and slooooow. I was getting nowhere with them and ordered internet through Cable One because I had work to do. To do all this testing with Hughes means I don't get work done. What blows my mind is this is so simple. I am getting inadequate service! Day after day, week after week, month after month goes by....with nothing done. This is bad business practice. It's just a matter of time before they go under.
  3. Zanild

    My speed test...help!

    Looking at the test...would you say the service is inadequate?? I don't want to send the test to Hughes if it looks okay. I'm trying to get out of my contract with them because the service to me is substandard...way too slow. My daughter cannot even use the wireless in her room 20 feet away.
  4. Zanild

    My speed test...help!

    Will someone please help interpret my speed test, I need to know if is up to standard for Hughes.net or if it reads slow and inconsistent. When using it, it's pretty bad...but does the test read that way also?? I need to send it to Hughes for proof. Thank you!! Here is the link for my test. https://testmy.net/compID/23130954733370
  5. Help! I have had Hughes net since October. The service has been really bad. Dropping connection and slow. Wireless connection a joke while sitting 10 feet from the Modem. My daughter won't even use her tablet anymore connected to wireless. Customer service has been torture. HOURS on the phone with them and getting nowhere!! They have sent 3 techs out...days and weeks are going by customer service always giving me the run around....the corporate office doesn't answer the phone...I got so tired I got internet through Cable One. Hughes has this list of protocol they have to go through for me to able to cancel service "without" being charged an enormous cancellation fee ($500 or $600). These guys make me want to jump off a bridge! The techs that come out tell them...everything is hooked up the way it's supposed to be but my service is slow and inconsistent. Not good enough for them. I am not satisfied with their service, that should be enough but obviously they are desperate and corrupt thieves. Somebody PLEASE give me some advice. How do I end this nightmare once and for all?? I did a speed test for the last 6 hours. I am not sure how to read it...can I attach it here? Will this work... https://testmy.net/compID/23130954733370
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