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  1. I just got Qwest cable modem service too.... My only problem is tracking down tech support, I call some numbers and they don't think they have cable modems and the other place I tried won't help me with my problem. Here's a copy of the e-mail I just sent to tconl.com tech support...thanks for the heads up and please let me know if you have any ideas. "I just started my Qwest cable modem service and it works decently with one problem. I run a test for Xbox Live connectivity and receive an 'error' that the NAT is Moderate; With Cox cable service this test passed as Open (which is what I'm looking for). I have a Microsoft MN-700 router that is certified to work with Xbox Live and I even put the Xbox 360 on the DMZ of the router. My router is however picking up what I believe to be a local IP address from the cable modem itself. My best two guesses are 1) the cable modem has routing capabilities and is NATing the external IP to a local IP to give to my router, OR 2) the Qwest cable modem picks up a local IP from Qwest which then has a router that goes out to a live IP address. If the issue is number 1) could you let me know how to disable the routing in the cable modem so I can pass strait to my router, or if its 2) is there a way to get a live IP address or some other solution so that way Im not double NATing and causing issues with my games? I have already scoured the xbox support areas and from what they say my setup should be working fine. Thank you "
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