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  1. Hey. New guy here. I actually just created a user account with your website about an hour or so ago. Really cool by the way, needing something to track my new upgrade that I just got from Hughesnet via Dish Network...the ole update from Jupiter one to Jupiter two, 5G stuff because the last few years on Dish, my Internet hasn't been for squat. I know uploading will always be slower, but good grief it was bad....Now, its better, just want to make sure I'm getting what I'm paying for. Now on with the question. As stated, I just created my account today; however, where are all the results coming from other than the 2 or three tests I have only run myself for my connection ID? I probably don't understand how this works yet, as a community input I assume. But, I am suspicious by nature, due to the type of the work I have and/or do online now. Are these pages of test results, other than my two, coming from other subscribers to Hughes Net in general? I just wanted to rule out someone else using anything on my net. I check for that daily, but those boogers get sneakier everyday. Running 44 mB tests all the time can eat away at your wallet on a metered connection. Anyway, just wondered if someone wouldn't mind helping the new guy on the block with what will probably end up making me look stupid for not figuring it out myself. Thanks again.....and as above, really cool website/tool to use. peace, Brian
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