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  1. Greetings all! Just joined and look forward to being a member of testmy.net community of users. Besides testing my own devices at home, MAY I USE the automatic (recurring) speed test on multiple systems simultaneously with my account? I consult for small office business with 2 to 15 users using Spectrum business account and have been experiencing intermittent outages ranging from 3 seconds to 1 min. Like someone is flicking a light switch. I would like to create a typical day user load using multiple systems on the weekends and night when the offices are closed. This would allow me to analyze traffic on the router and managed switches in real time without interfering with Monday to Friday work day for the business. Will an authorized testmy.net agent please let me know if this is OK? If any member can give me advice and/or solutions which will help me, please do. Regards, Stymie
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