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  1. Altered

    Hey folks.

    Update to the update. Looks like they fixed the actual problem as now my internet is back up and it’s flying pretty decent. Of all things the upload seems to be lagging behind some but for me if everything just stays at these speeds I’m not gonna complain.
  2. Altered

    Hey folks.

    Well my internet went completely out today. Fortunately I had already went and spoke with someone on the technical help at AT&T and they did their diagnosis and think my modem was failing. They had shipped me one but it’s not supposed to be here till tomorrow. I currently have the Arris BWG210 but they are sending me a Motorola NWG599. Not sure if this is a step up down or sideways but at least it’s not ignoring the problem. Apparently from the way the guy talked it was common for them the play musical chairs with modems if someone had a issue they swap it with another from possibly another job that may or may not had a issue. The guy was very adamant that he was sending me a brand new unit. I didn’t think my unit was used but who knows. Anyway just wanted to update update on the situation. @mudmanc4 I haven’t had a chance to try budgie.
  3. Altered

    Hey folks.

    I have the USB stick made Ill try and run it later.
  4. I left Suddenlink last December because the internet speeds were erratic, the lies or convient mistruths, and the fact that finally we got competition for them. Prior to that the only offered decent speed internet was Suddenlink cable here. The rest was dialup and satellite. I was very happy when I saw the AT&T trucks everywhere in hopes of a company coming in giving us the option of another fast internet. 2 months into it I’m not so sure I did any better. As for prices im not sure what is a fair price but it always seems expensive considering tv idea is some pretty old stuff. Sure they keep saying all this new technology is here but I’ve been satisfied with tv for 20 years or more without all this “high flutin” junk they keep touting. The best part is since 90% of tv is now dedicated to progressives, liberals, or Democrats ideals I shut that waste of money off. It’s been off over a year and I have found much better stuff online and away from the pc to do. Had Suddenlink been more concerned with offering a steady consistent product I might have spent another 10 years with them. Oh and get ready the lady was rude as **** when I called to turn my service off. I finally had to hang up on her as she would not stop telling me how horrible AT&T was.
  5. Altered

    Hey folks.

    @mudmanc4 Interesting best I remember none of the items listed as requirements by AT&T had hdd max throughput as a specified amount necessary. I will double check this as well when I get home this evening. Thanks for the idea.
  6. Altered

    Hey folks.

    Thank you very much.
  7. Altered

    Hey folks.

    I ran the Automatic Speed Test to get a broader picture of how its performing. https://testmy.net/quickstats/Altered I also went to AT&Ts self help and I noticed it now says a requirement for me to get full speeds is to have a i5 speed processor or better, and 8 gigs or memory or more. This laptop does not have these criteria. And I never saw any of this on any literature or had any sales person or installer or tech person mention this. So since my old desktop that had these criteria is out of commission. I am considering putting together a new machine that does. I no longer game so I was just going to stay with a perfectly functional laptop. Currently the laptop has a Intel Pentium B940 / 2 GHz and 4 GB memory. Is it really that crucial that I have these criteria to get the speeds I am paying for? Is there anything else I can do to possibly help myself in this situation? Thanks
  8. Altered

    Hey folks.

    Obviously new here. I started having what I think is slow internet just 2 months into my new AT&T 1000 FIOS plan. Not totally sure I ran the best test as I just clicked the easiest one to run and your test is giving I think quite low results considering its a "1000 Mbps" down and up plan with unlimited data that AT&T only say they will do something about if its below 600 Mbps. Also I noticed the test here says this is U Verse but its supposed to be FIOS. I'm really irked about the whole deal. I didn't listen to my instincts and stay away from the stupid contract. Now after one repair attempt with the tech coming out I am having bad thoughts about the next several months. It looks like I am going to have to do all the leg work if this is as I believe a slow reading for my package, or have enough smarts to get AT&T on the right track to a repair. Which is how I came to be here. Id like to verify that my service is slow for what it is and if indeed it is slow see what I can do to fix the problem. In case this will help with anyone trying to assist here is some of the info AT&T all wanted to know. Currently this is setup like this: Modem - AT&T supplied Arris BGW210-700 hardwired CAT5E (supplied by AT&T) direct from modem to laptop Laptop - Acer Aspire 5750Z connected with Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet with Drivers from Microsoft Current Wi-Fi devices and their state when running test: 1 tablet - disabled 2 smartphones - enabled but only in idle state (no downloading) 1 laptop - disabled 1 game box solely used for Netflix - disabled 1 ROKU box - disabled And 1 hardwired laptop I am using. Many thanks for all the tools and information on this place. https://testmy.net/quickstats/Altered
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