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  1. Happy Father's Day guys!!!! Hope you had a great and wonderful day.
  2. darling all we would have to do is put a video of our dog on there. Hes a t-bagging machine. :haha:
  3. :haha: maybe she really wanted you and thought she would bring in some extra heat to liven it up some.
  4. The old ladies that stand at the front door of sams here really dont care to see our card. But if you tr to help yourself out at the little food stands they have set up. Thats another story. :2funny: Ill have to tell you when i have more time. Gotta get the kid to school.
  5. :knuppel2: best buy was way better here than circuit city consumer wise.
  6. We actually got a letter in the mail saying what shug had said. I didnt know he was posting about it on here when i was reading it to him.
  7. what kinds of fish do you have in there?
  8. :haha: Your right on the money there momma. 5-7 days and some women only have theres for 4. Talkiing about being lucky.
  9. :haha: The one thing that makes my b-day special is its another year that I have spent with my husband. My oldest daughter wrapped some of her old stuff animals and gave them to me. It sure was sweet! As for the getting any well...........that has to wait......at least another 4 days.......if you catch my drift. wasnt a bday present that i wanted As for what I did we at dinner out, did a lil shpping then came home and played video games for the rest of the day/night.
  10. lol Thanks tommie and the rest of the gang. Damn momma what other secrets of mine are you going to tell?
  11. I dont post much on here but i do read and laugh. Laughter is great for the body.
  12. you guys are crazy some of the stuff you say...............well......... got me laughing anyways.
  13. Pixie is right about the mothers breasts getting engorged it hurts. Dosen't matter if you breast feed or not the moms body will produce milk before the child is born. A way to help relieve the pain is to take a warm shower or put cabbage leafs on them. And the mother will have leakage, so tell her to not get embarrassed it happens to all mothers. Just get the pad inserts for her bra it works, sometimes you may have to change them quiet often but it keeps from leaking all over the place. If she does decide to breastfeed it does hurt at first but all the pain goes away after a while. She may get cracked nipples there is medicine that she can put on it that is also safe for the baby for the next feeding time. Good Luck and hope we have all been helpful for you and your wife.
  14. You can also make ringtones, themes and more at www.Zedge.net
  15. Congrats. Like my husband has said if people ask you what you need for the new member of your family. You will need diapers lots of diapers. We had a ton of diapers and I thought we would never run out with what we had. I was WRONG. I would encourage your wife to breast feed your child. It is so GREAT for the child and also the mother. The bond that the mother and the child have during that time is unbelievable. I breast feed both of my children until age 1. My oldest took the pacifier my youngest likes her finger. I would choose pacifier over finger any day. We had to cut the tip off of the pacifier to make her not want it anymore. It works! The moment my daughter put the cut pacifier in her mouth she threw it down on the ground. Really enjoy your wife's pregnancy with her. Feeling your child kick, hiccup, roll over to where the back is towards you wife's stomach then feeling it and its hard as a rock. Those are moments that you will not get again until you have another child. It may seem hard and scary at times but in the end it all works out for the best. Congratulations again i'm happy for you. You will be a changed person and its only for the better.
  16. another website is zedge.net has awesome wallpapers and ringers one thing about this site is that you can get items mobile web, text /sms or pc download.
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