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  1. True, but this was mucho better than what I had been getting the past 5 months. less than 30mbps whilst paying for 100. But still can't understand how I can't get anything close like most in here on the testmynet speedtest.
  2. @Pgoodwin1 Atlanta is closest to me, but there aren't any servers that I can find in the test. Also this is my latest test according to speedtest. Not sure how much fluff it is lol.
  3. I've currently had Charter 100/10 speeds since January. Just recently they've upgraded speeds to 200/12. The speeds were banging right out the gate for about a month(100/10 service). Since then, (According to speedtest.net) I cant get above 70 for a download from any server. * All tests were conducted wired from desktop to arris tm1602 modem. * I've tried other tests that show promise, but maybe I'm old and not understanding. http://speedtest.xfinity.com/results/JIHPATYGWTE3OX3 And then these show extreme low speeds.
  4. i'm on 200mbps/12mbps (Charter), and this is what I get.lol wth. Wired from desktop to modem,no wifi.
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