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    Wow . . . just reading through more posts from various members living in the USA. 1000Mbps download, only testing at 300 ish?!! Spare a thought for we Aussies. We can only DREAM of speeds like that here in Australia, even in the capital cities. Our NBN (National Broadband Network) using FTTP (fibre all the way into the premises) offers a top speed of 100 down, 20 up. Australia is ranked quite low with regard to international internet speed, with many supposedly 'third world' countries further up the list. Oh well, maybe we'll catch up in a few years - unlikely, though with our choice of technologically challenged political parties! Sorry for the whinge . . . enjoy your 500+ Mbps internet connections!
  2. Greetings from QLD Australia. I've just read through some of the FAQ's in your forum, and am impressed by your responses to the usual questions regarding different speed test results from different testing sites. Very informative. I have been using mostly ozspeedtest.com. I have just upgraded from a 25Mbps plan to a 50, and have been enthusiastically testing my new speeds (FTTN, some copper in my street). For your information, the ozspeedtest and Testmy.net results correlate very closely in multiple tests . . . they also confirm what my ISP (Telstra) said I could expect (about 46 Mbps). After reading through your forum, I have decided to use Testmy.net as my go to speed test from now on, with an occasional reference to the other site for comparison. Thank you for providing this valuable, independent service.
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