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  1. Today I am not sure what the internet is doing I pay $50.00/ month for 5MB upload and download - this is what is happening today, need to fix it right away or find another connection. I have the cable plugged in with no wifi connections on. ← Re-Test Download :: 231 kbps 29 kB/s Upload :: 26 kbps
  2. I call using VOIP as I am not always in the USA- However, some locations that show 5 MB or more upload, I have no issues. However sometimes when you test in the morning it is fine, but when you test later it drops down to 300Kbps- why is that? Does Internet have the same shared lines (party lines) like telephones had back in the 70's and 80's? Why such a huge jump down? Thanks for any advice as I rely on making these calls and if lower than 1 MB everyone has trouble hearing me.
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