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    pastor/shepherd of people, truth teller, guitarist, vocalist, worship, word of God, worship, guitar, sound, hearing the sound and expressing that sound with my guitar and my voice, love, giving love and receiving love, love never fails
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    Thank you Roger, it is very thoughtful of you to take the time to welcome me. I wanted to lety you know I appreciate that right now as I came in because I have so many things and people waiting for me if I put it off I might not get to this much later. Thank you for the good positive vibes.
  2. pastor1ray


    I want to say hello and greetings from The Preacher with Priors. I am not very smart about computers but I use them a lot and they are important in the work I do. I am a pastor of a flock of people that most pastors would shudder to think they would have to deal with, mostly heroin addicts, other addicts, anyone from gang to homeless you name it. No tithing people, no church anymore. A pastor is not the keeper of a building he is supposed to be a SHEPHERD and be willing to go to any measure to protect and guide those in his flock. I am a guitarist and a singer, I dont really know how to do either of those things either, but I have been given a sound, and everything I do is for those who I have been given and for the One who has given me this life. I am 65 and fully ready for another full throttle several decades of life. I will probably be someone here that needs more advice than I can offer as to computers, and of that I apologize. But in order to do what I do I need the help. Right now I am hampered by Logitech garbage webcam that never worked, stopping me from making important videos. I invite anything anyone wants to ask though about what I do, the Word, any of it. Don't make the mistake of thinking you will get an answer like asking another pastor though, because, you will not.
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    I am not very smart in these areas, but it is clear that something is not right when my computer will be taking a long time to respond, and I test my speed with Spectrum and it says over 100 Mbps, and I will test with someone else and it shows 13 or 28. Is there a reason? I hope this is not a stupid question.
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