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  1. Thank you Sean for the reply. As I thought all of this is way above my head. I did speak with my ISP today and they told me that UDP had less to do with speed (as I believe you are saying) and more to do with open ports on my router. He found the UDP port requirements for my Ring system and opened those ports for me in my router. The jury is still out as to if it is helping my problem. Anyway I want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my question even though I couldn't do a lot with the information due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, first time post. So what got me to your forum is a problem that I am having with my Ring security cameras and doorbell. The Ring software freezes and the video does not always play it sits with the timer just spinning. I have contacted Ring about this issue and they say that My UDP speed is too slow. it is 0.3756 mbps and it needs to be a minimum of 2.0 mbps. I am no internet expert and am unaware of what they are talking about. I am suppose to call my ISP Frontier and see if they will up my UDP speed. I would like to have a little knowledge about this issue before I call them and star
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