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  1. I just noticed recently that a process called "firefox.exe" cannot be stopped, even manually. I do use firefox, but this is pretty unusual. I can stop the process, but it immediately restarts itself. Another process under the same name is also present with this one while the browser is running, so something is telling me this may be something fishy. Anyone have any ideas?

    Also, I recently started experiences major mouse lag in City of Heroes. I have no way of testing if the two are linked, but they possibly could be.

  2. I know this is a little late, but, if you're talking to me, I read it on a forum a while back. They cited their sources, so I'm pretty sure it's true. Right now, I can't remember which forum I read it on, what exactly was said about it, or what sites he cited. So I can't give anyone much of an update on how it may or may not be going.

  3. Alright, I got the parts in on this last Wednesday and built it the same day. Everything started up nicely, and everything seemed to be going fine. However, I ended up getting numerous (I know 20+ at least) error messages which said it was unable to copy certain files and asked whether I wanted it to retry or skip those files. Needless to say, with all of those files missing that couldn't be copied over, the rest of the installation wasn't able to take place. I've also gotten several "blue screens of death". I looked up what this could be on a friends computer, and I found a case with these EXACT same symptoms pointing toward memory problems.

    To troubleshoot, I tried each of the two 512 sticks (1GB total) by themself in each dimm. With one of the sticks, I don't get any video whatsoever and an almost immediate crash of the computer at startup in all 4 dimms. The other stick only seems to allow my system to run in dimm 3. I guess I got lucky the first time I put it together and put that one in dimm 3 and the other in 4. However, I still have the same problems with the Windows installation and the "BSoD".

    I found a couple boot disk memory testing programs that I will use to test whether my memory is good or not when I have access to another computer that has a floppy drive. (Yes, this one doesn't have a floppy drive for some bizarre reason.)

    The motherboard is an Abit AV8, as previously stated, and the memory is dual channel Corsair Value Select ram. It's basically two identical sticks of 512 packaged together.

    What do you guys think it is. Is the motherboard bad? Do I need to not be a cheap ass and buy higher quality memory? Something else?

    I thought it might be a BIOS issue, but I'm not able to flash a new version because I can't get to DOS.

    If you would like a full list of system parts, let me know, and I'll get one posted.

    I'll let you guys know the results of the memory tests tomorrow. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.

  4. Alright, clarification:

    In this computer (not the new one I'm making), there are two sticks of memory. One is 256, the other 512, both of which are not dual channel.

    For my new computer, I ordered 1GB (2 x 512) of dual channel ram.

    The new motherboard I'm getting, the Abit AV8, has four memory dimms. I'm wondering if putting the old 256 and 512 sticks in the two free dimms in the new computer would stop the dual channel ram I will have in there from being dual channel.

  5. I'm making a new computer and ordered 1 GB (2 x 512) of dual channel ram. I'm wondering if I will be able to use my existing two sticks of ram in two dimms and still have dual channel "activated" on the other two. In other words, can I have dual channel on one pair of dimms and regular memory on the other pair without compromising the dual channel.

  6. Well, the drivers on your mobo is called the BIOS. Upgrading your BIOS would involve flashing the new version from a floppy disc. I have heard of some adverse effects, but I can't recall exactly what those are. Give me a second, and I'll see about the latest BIOS version and some of the effects of upgrading.


    Offtopic but is there any way to disable autoinstall of drivers for hardware?

    Every time i try to disinstall a driver (say ati driver) and restart, it will automatically install some windows ati drivers before i can install the version i want..How can i stop this?

    You can't. I don't believe Windows automatically installs new drivers. It notices that there is hardware without drivers and starts the add new hardware wizard. All you have to do is keep cancelling it everytime it pops up until you get the ones you want installed.

  7. That would make sense' date=' but when I spoke to Time Warner yesterday they told me the upgrade is for Roadrunner customers only so far, and that if I wanted a speed increase I should switch to Roadrunner, what crap :x[/quote']

    If RoadRunner is offered in your area, why don't you switch? They obviously don't want your dollar too badly, so why not give it to someone who can almost double your speeds?

  8. Neither, McLaren F1.

    Though the page says 3.2 seconds, its 0-60 has actually been clocked at 3.1. Not much, but every little bit counts when you're considering how fast it already is. They'll run you at about $1,000,000 a pop, no exaggeration.

    The Asus card I mentioned in that other thread is like the McLaren F1 of video cards. It's a 6800 Ultra that's overclocked out of the box. Sure, it costs a boat load a money, but the latest and greatest high-performance parts have always been that way. :wink:

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