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  1. LMAO! 5000, 2000, it doesn't matter. You can't compare so few thousand years to a history that goes back billions and is for the most part undocumented. As I said, you've proven nothing.

    Even your hypothesis for it declining in that little timeline is very flawed. You've gone through 6th or 7th grade history, and you think you know the history of the world itself. You don't have enough background in anything you're trying to argue to remotely try and prove a point that is so abstract as yours.

  2. If anyone would like to back his comment that I'm in any way "struggling" here, please jump in at any time so I can get a good laugh.

    All of your examples have been from the past 2000 years. Comparing 2000 with billions of years is just nonsense. You've proven nothing.

  3. You're saying there has been a steady decline in violence since time began? I would have to disagree. The two atomic bombs dropped in WW2 would amount to major battles or even perhaps campaigns way back when with just the push of a button. Combine that with 3 constant fronts of fighting all over the world, and I would say that it has at least stayed steady, if not increased. I've explained all I can. If you don't see how flawed your hypotheses are, I'm afraid there's nothing more I can do.

  4. mr hahn u could not be more wrong i may have over estimated the rate violence is becoming disliked at but it is still happening at a steady rate' date=' 80 years ago their were 2 world wars less the 40 years apart their has not been another for 80 years or so[/quote']

    Your talking small apples there bud. The world has been around longer than you can count in your lifetime. 40 and 80 years make no comparison.

    From the point of religion, violence started shortly after the creation of Eden. Eden wasn't a paradise for very long. You're giving an example to something that lasted such little time that there is no comparison here either.

  5. First, I should point out that there is an edit button on each post. Making four consecutive posts is just pointless.

    As for why I'm in this thread, I'm here because our founding fathers made it so I could do such things. That, and the fact that Halo hasn't been the only thing discussed here by a long shot. If someone feels they have an opinion, regardless of the topic title, I don't see why you're so objective to them expressing it.

  6. Violence will always be a part of society. There are no two ways about it. As long as there are conflicting ideals (which there always will be), it will be present. You're little poking people with sticks example has one flaw. At the same time they were prodding each other, they were also staging huge wars and taking over neighboring lands. Violence in no way has faded. It is just now taking place on a smaller scale. Violent feelings and inhibitions can't be expressed as freely as they use to.

  7. Do I think it's wrong to enjoy a friendly debate? No, of course not. This sadly isn't one of those though. You're trying to debate something that has no answer. I haven't played the game, so I can't give you an opinion. It's really quite simple.

    All of my opinions in this thread have been about topics discussed other than Halo.

  8. mr hahn i know this is going back a long way but i think i may have something to add to a comment u made bfore about people posting messages to show there opinion' date=' some find it a flaw but i tale pleasure in friendly debating and maybe other's do to do u have a coment on that[/quote']

    If I fully understood what you said, I could perhaps have some sort of comment.

  9. Kids can do pretty crazy things somethimes... and some pretty original stuff too on occasion. Hell' date=' one or two even become millionaires before they're even 18.[/quote']

    Sadly, I'm not one of those people. I turned 18 yesterday, and I still don't have my first million. Damn the IRS!

  10. Yeah, I've watched violent movies since I was a wee little one, but I'm not going to go out and take a chainsaw to anybody. I pretty much did everything at a young age (eg, walk, talk, ride a bike, swim, etc.). I was riding a bike without training wheels at 3 years of age. I'm in no way bragging, but I guess it's because of my relativley high IQ, as RTB noted.

    However, there are geniuses out there who's IQs are through the roof, yet still have problems discerning fact and fiction. I think it really depends on the person. IQ plays a role, but it is ultimately the person I believe.

  11. I'm attracted to controversial situations, but I don't consider myself flamer. Controversy, along with other things (love, laughter, lava, all those L words), are what make the world go round. It makes things interesting.

    Do you guys consider me a flamer? :oops: (there's no use in you responding to this ging)

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