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  1. and dont u dare accuse my country as a reason for my arguements if u thought them mediocre i may have different oppinions to u but i will not stand for racism do u understand me

    Alright, I'm completely lost now.

    Nevermind about the age thing. I'm sure I can guess pretty close.

  2. hang on r u telling me that u are so into all these things about halo 2 and u have neva played it

    That all depends what you mean by my being "into" them. I've made no judgements on the game because I've never played it and have made no farse posts to the best of my knowledge.

  3. Whether something is pointless is purely in the eye of the beholder. You can't be stereotypical in thinking everyone will have the same point of view or opinion as you.

    I actually enjoy many FPS (First Person Shooters) out there. I mainly play Call of Duty and its expansion as of right now. I might be getting World of Warcraft pretty soon as well.

  4. I've upgraded video cards before with no issues. You just uninstall the old drivers, take out the old card, put the new one in, install the new drivers, and you're done. There's no reason you should have to reinstall anything but your drivers if you install a new video card.

    I really hope the drive swap works. :? It won't be for about another month. I was just wondering ahead of time.

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