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  1. I'm getting the Thermaltake Tsunami for my next case. I'm going to be watercooling it for zero noise. It's actually much cheaper than I thought it would be.
  2. Are you saying when you tried to install the drivers, Windows said they weren't verified, so you didn't install them? If you don't have any drivers, you need some. Tell me the exact card you have. I bet that's it. As for the main topic, how do you know it's using up RAM?
  3. If you are both running XP, neither of you will need 3rd-party software. Just log on to Windows Messenger and have him invite you with remote assistance.
  4. Your verification link worked fine for me.
  5. I take it you don't like gay people? You could've easily made the same point without all the slurs. Anyway, you're point came across quite well. I might have picked up TS3. However, I don't have an Xbox and don't plan on getting one in the near future. I'm pretty much going to stick to the PS2 and PC until the PS3 comes out. If the jump from 2 to 3 is going to be as much as from 1 to 2, the graphics are going to be incredible. Just take your pill. Everything will be alright.
  6. Who do you get service from? If we know that, we can look at the packages available on their website in relation to the amount you pay each month and find out your advertised speeds.
  7. I noticed you got you sig pretty small organ.
  8. How can someone go over their cap that much? I thought even if you had an unlimited amount of bandwidth, your cap would keep you down near your advertised speed. Those are some wicked speeds though.
  9. My computer is actually named Fred. No... I don't name my computer. I'm talking about where you have to give your computer a name when you install windows.
  10. You said it booted at 640x480. That usually means no drivers are installed. Are there any installed? If not, tell me your card and I can get you a link to the correct set.
  11. Welcome to the forums. Post some speed scores and your advertised speed, and I'm sure someone here will be able to help.
  12. I believe this is the most braindead thread in the whole of these forums.
  13. Is there a more accurate one I can use?
  14. I live in Birmingham, AL, and I did a trace route to the same IP in Atlanta as .s1. I have three questions. 1) Why does it think I live in St. Louis? 2) Where does Washington D.C. come into the picture? It looks like it hits Atlanta, shoots over to D.C., and then comes right back. 3) Austin, TX? Bakersfield, CA?! wtf? -Trace Route
  15. lol. I started laughing to myself from the beginning of that. Actually, why don't you max out the settings so you'll lag even more and notice all those great things at an even higher level... like fewer kills.
  16. Here's an example of what I was talking about how ATI cards can't handle AA and AF or a certain combination of the two in certain games. -ATI JointOps Failure
  17. Yeah, I built this computer in '02, and it was very mid-range even then. The video card was bought last year and I added some memory, but the processor is just too slow for any of it to come to its full potential. The PC I'm on now will mainly be used to check email, browse, P2P share, etc. The new one will be used for graphical design and gaming. I can't wait.
  18. I don't know too much about satellite connectivity. Someone will help you shortly. Btw, do you really live in Baghdad?
  19. Well, I made that judgement forgetting my main bottleneck: my 1.6ghz P4. I'm building a new PC in the near future anyway, so I'm not too worried about it. However, playing a game with SUPER ULTRA OMGZ0RZ HIGH DETAIL PLAZMA SETTINGZ is the only true way to experience a game.
  20. Oh, didn't see your post about the card you ended up buying. I don't want it to sound like I'm putting down your new card or anything, but the 5200 is horrible. I have a 5600 Ultra right now, and it's driving me crazy trying to run the latest games. However, if it's all you can afford, I completely understand. Let us know how it works out for you.
  21. Well, I did a little searching on Tom's Hardware for some benches. I couldn't find a comparison between the 6600GT and the 9800Pro, so here's what we'll do. Below, there are two video card review links. One has the 9800Pro, and one has the 6600GT. In each of those reviews, the FX 5950 Ultra is present. In the first set of benches, notice that the 9800Pro is slightly faster than the FX 5950U. While keeping that in mind, go to the second set. Notice the difference in a card that is a few FPS faster than FX 5950U and the 6600GT. A pretty substantial performance increase of ~50-100% (that percentage range is figured over all benchmarks, not just Call of Duty). -Bench set #1 -Bench set #2 Well, I found an 8xAGP 6600GT card at NewEgg.com for $240, which is well within the price range of the two cards you mentioned (more than one, less than the other). If you were considering getting the 9800Pro, perhaps you should go with the following card instead: -XFX 6600GT at NewEgg.com If you're wondering about the 128MB of ram, there isn't a substantial enough performance difference between cards with 128 and 256 to be an issue.
  22. You may notice that I only posted links to NewEgg.com. Well, they're the most reliable reseller for the lowest price the majority of teh time. You can try going to Pricewatch.com and see if you can find it for lower. However, all be warned that many resellers listed have horrible credentials. Before you ever buy anything online, always check their rating and reviews at ResellerRatings.com. I've had my share of bad experiences with buying things online before I stumbled across this website. HERE's NewEgg's page at ResellerRatings.com.
  23. Actually, you'e wrong about the PCI-e being way faster. Even the best GPU out right now doesn't come close to taking up all the bandwidth 8xAGP offers. They actually test exactly the same. My point being, don't upgrade your mobo just so you can get a PCI-e video card. There's absolutely no difference. Ati cards don't supprt certain configurations of antistropic filtering and anti-aliasing, so I would go with a Nvidia card.. Asus makes a great 6800 Ultra card that is overclocked out of the box, and only takes up one slot. If I were you and had no spending limit, I'd go with that card. If you're looking for a more mainstream card, get the 6600. Links to both at NewEgg.com (NewEgg ROCKS!): -Asus V9999 Ultra Deluxe (6800 Ultra) -Asus EN6600 (6600 obviously) There's also the 6800 and 6800 GT if you're looking for something in between that price range: -Asus V9999 GT 128 (6800 GT) -Asus V9999 Gamer Edition 256 (6800) -Asus V9999 GT 256 (6800 GT) All of the above are for 8xAGP. If you want a PCI-e card, you'll have to go with a 6600 because the 6800s aren't on PCI-e yet. Just do a quick search in NewEgg.
  24. As PiMp mentioned, if you have the computer sitting directly directly on carpet, it could be a static issue. Computer compnents like RAM, harddrives, video cards, etc. really don't like static. Try putting a piece of would or plastic (vinyl) between the computer and the carpet. Though this may not fix the damage already done, it may help the static to lesson and perhaps let you startup. I personally took one of the shelves in my computer desk and use it like that.
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