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  1. Hi Folks, I am a big fan of your service. I have to use it regularly due to a very tricky set of internet connections to maintain. While the old version of the interface was admittedly a little plain, the new version with a giant flashing graphic is a no-go for me. I need to run it while I am working on other things, and all that flashing is just a big distraction, and I won't use it. Thank you kindly for keeping the link to use the old version. I would suggest toning down in your next redesign. The bigger and flashier, the "cheaper" your service looks. Maybe I'm not your target audience. But I don't know many professionals who want a big cartoon flashing status bar, and flashing text when a simple progress bar will convey the information without creating distractions. If I didn't think this mattered to the viability of your business, and I didn't value your service, I wouldn't bother to write, So please understand this as meant with respect. Keith
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