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  1. I was playing with OBS for gaming reasons so thought time to upload a video. Hope this is helpful. In.Testmy.Netbsmartestcombined.m4v
  2. I just tried today and even with the server in India it failed on the upload of 1.3MB. I used BSNL's own speedtest, my ISP and it worked fine. http://speedtest.bsnl.co.in/
  3. It was failing everytime but I just ran it twice now and got my combined results. I will keep testing. I don't think the code has a bug per se just that in India where my connection is so variable I think a more robust way of dealing with errors would be good.
  4. I never really had this test fail before but now it hapens on the upload quite a lot. I am in India and using a 3g mobile connection. Everytime it says this error has been reported ... but nothing has changed in quite a long time now. Is there anything I can do?
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