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  1. Thanks for the replys, Eversman I too noticed that the vista drivers for the synaptics made it way more glitchy....Im liking the new OS but would hate to go back to xp because this is just plain anoying. I'll try your suggestions and let you know. Thanks again
  2. Well as the subject states, I recently installed Vista Home Prem and everything seemed good. I then noticed that the cursor would jump all over the screen like im dragging my finger on the touchpad back and forth real fast. It'll only do this when im using the touchpad and at times it'll even right click and bring up the menu like I pressed it. Even when typing it will jump around and put text in between different words and such. Any ideas on how to fix this? The laptop is a HP Pavilion dv5020us. I already updated most of the drives on hp's support site but still no luck.
  3. Thx for the reply...Im looking into buy the retail version of AVG...also had Kaspersky in the running. Any advice on those two? As far as pc cillin went. I already uninstalled, and computers not running at 100% usage all the time. Guess it was that.
  4. Hello all... Like the subject says, I installed the Internet Security on my laptop yesterday and everything seemed to be fine. Today im in class and im lossing about 3% every min. This was with the screen on lowest brightness level, WLAN off and only using Microsoft word. Before this I had Norton's installed and i've never ran out of battery when in a 50 min class... Im thinking its the Internet Security, is it a known issue or is there a quick fix. Really dont want to resort back to nortons. Thx in advance.
  5. Yeah, worked out perfect. Then my monitor wouldn't get off of 640x480. Just happened to update the drivers like he mentioned and another problem solved. All is well now, so glad I formated, its running so much faster, my new laptops almost getting jealous lol Thanks again...man I love this site
  6. Hello all...well I just formated my desktop's HD and installed windows xp again. Everything went great, computers running faster but now when I get a activate windows within 30 days. When I try activate by internet it wont connect. My wireless adapater wont come up and when i tried to connect straight from the cable modem nothing. Then when i've tried to set up a connection, nothing happens. No icons in system try or anything. Tried putting in the linksys disk for my adapter, set up screen will pop up for a second then disapear. Dont really know whats going on. Any suggestions? or fixes. Thanks in advance.
  7. No dont be worried at all. Her eyes aren't calibrated to give speed readings so she cant tell exactly how fast you were going (And im sure she doesn't work for the state, giving visual speed readings on speeding cars)...You should've just laughed at her
  8. Thanks for keeping my comp alive longer...and me sane. Always come back to this site for a reason :D
  9. Hello all, quick problem/question....Alright dont know how it started or when, but everytime in my internet explorer when I click a link and or type in a new address in the address bar I get a clicking noise. Now its getting real annoying It even happens when I click on a button like post thread, preview etc etc...Any help how to get rid of it, besides turning mute on.
  10. Nevermind...i've fixed it. Program I use for nextel phones or (iDEN RSS) was causing it to not be an option...maybe drivers didnt like each other...lol oh well
  11. Hello all...recently as in today I've tried to close my laptop, and when the laptop closes it's supposed to go into standby mode. I noticed today that it wasn't then when I tried to restart and shut down, my yellow standby button is grayed out. Any idea's of what happened? Im using xp, sp2, on a hp pavilion dv5000...Just brought it a month ago...any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance.
  12. alright...so i have to do this presentation for my computer literacy class and i picked types of internet and speeds, and who would use them...Could anyone give me a chart or link to a site that explains all the types of internet...anything would be a help...thx in advance later
  13. its been a while, and I think comcast has just upgraded, anyone think that earthlink planning on upgrading? and would it be the same price as we pay now?
  14. nope, no such luck, i've tried hijack this and i've installed ad-aware but ad-aware did get rid of some other problems like that error box. Any more suggestions what about the window's repair, how do I do that.
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