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  1. dang you watch that too...tight tight.....but yeah recently downloaded ares its a badass program, besides the music, its great for downloading software and stuff..I use winmx for music lol na but yea i get those speeds and my desktop is wireless, all thanks to my linksys wireless g w/speedboost router.....lol love the damn thing, plus no lag when im playin socom 2 online

  2. Ok......my friends computer just keeps restarting by it's self. He gets a message saying windows did not start right blah blah blah...Pick one Start in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with DOS, or he can pick Start windows from last good configuration. No matter which one he picks, the windows loading screen comes up then it restarts. We tried hitting the F2 and F12 keys but nothing happens. We got it to stay on only by putting in his xp disc and trying to start it from that....any help on how to stop it

  3. um...back on the subject tho I downloaded a screensave from bmw.com and installed it but now i cant get into my display properties, its acts like its going to but then nothing happens....I've even tried going through the control panel and getting it but still noting. Then I downloaded style xp, but still wont let me get to my properties....can anyone help

  4. well i did the checkdisk thing and that did nothing so im about to do try repairing windows from the cd...and nope me and my dad are the only ones with admin powers on this computer....lil bro has limited acess...but yea thats what its doing...pretending like its gonna come up but doesnt, the lil hour glass even comes up for half a sec then leaves....dunno.... :roll:

  5. I downloaded a screensaver from bmw.com, just because i liked the cars or w/e...but the screen save works, but when i try to get to my display properties it wont let me, i've tried rigth clicking on my background and then clicking properties, all it does is act like its going to go but then does nothing. I've even tried goingto the control pannel, but it still wont let me...anyone kno how i could get into it

    One more thing...recently i've been getting a Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library message, when i've been running Internet Explore, it gives me three choices...Abort, Debug, or Cancel...either one i click always causes the explorer to close then i have to reopen I.E again....Anyone kno why its happening or how to fix it...

  6. I'll try trojan hunter 4, because I dont know too much about TDS-3. Oh and whoever told me to download the pandasoftware....That caused me so much hell, it downloaded fine then locked my computer. When i would restart my cpu, it wouldnt let me choose a profile to log in as. That and it made my computer so freaking slow..........I had to reboot in safe mode and do a system restore....

  7. I think it is the back door trojan making my computer run all choppy....it says its been quaratined, not only has the internet explorer been slow but, when trying to access my hard drive and my documents it sometimes freeze's. I've also been getting some program error message like....a C++ message dealing with internet explorer...Any help, i've looked at the symantec page to try and find out how to fix it, and it show's the steps but im on 17and dont kno a lot about the registry and all.........i dont wanna mess anything up

  8. Dont know how i got it but i ran symantec virus scan and it picked one up...can anybody help me get rid of it, the scan said it was qauretined or however u spell it....

    Oh and sometimes while im searching the internet i'll be trying to scroll up and down on the page, and all of sudden it'll click off the page, then i'll have to reclick the page to get it to come back and be alble to scroll...if anybody understands this prob can you help....Oh and i kno its not because my internets slow i have cable.... :roll:

  9. i just tried to do the download test and i got this message.........multiple times, but it lets me do a upload...Any Help????

    ERROR :: 337 :: Sorry but 210876 Kbps is too high. Our test cap is currently set at 90000 Kbps. This does not necessarily mean you have an awesome connection... this most likely means that...

    **Somehow the test is in your browser cache

    ** You clicked <back> and are now getting ERROR results

    TestMy.net has filters in place to weed out bad results. You should RE-TEST and try to get an accurate reading.

    If you get this often try to not click back. :)

  10. Im using a linksys wireless g router, and im using a wireless desktop card, and laptop card...I was wondering if i could "talk" or be able to see and interact with them..ie. if im on my desktop and someone else is on my laptop, could i send it a message or see the status of it..i've tried doing going into my network and searching for other computers near me but nothing comes up

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