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  1. make sure your refresh rate is set at 75 hertz...i believe thats what the electricity in a standard household runs at, so they should match. and also, everything else everyone has said above is awesome advice too. -rob
  2. if you hit F8 right when the computer starts to boot, it will start your computer in safe mode. there should be an administrator account there WITHOUT a password being required, even if his account is set as administrator (unless he knows computers really well, most likely he made it an administrator account but not THE administrator account). Log in under that administrator and go to control panel and remove the password for his account. then reboot and he should be able to log in and make a new password! -Rob
  3. if your modem and router both have the same IP address, that IS a problem. I have the same linksys router (although I dont use it), and its IP address is not changable...perhaps your modem's IP can be changed. Having two of the same IP address on the same network is a big no-no....try playing around with that! -Rob
  4. Wow....those speeds are totally unacceptable. With speeds like that, it's unlikely that it is your computer. I often love to give the tech line "keep your computer running clean first" to users with slow internet speeds, but a speed like that HAS to be your ISP. There can be many problems. When I first got my DSL line, I had similar problems, along with dropped connections. It turned out that, upon linking a new subscriber, Verizon crossed my line with theirs at the CO. It could be a problem like that, a grounded phone line in your home, loading coils in your telephone lines at home, or many other problems. Try www.speakeasy.net/speedtest , see how that works out (although this site's speed test is very, very consistent). I would say that most likely, there is a problem with your ISP. Give them a call, let them run their tests, etc. Be sure to ask what your connection speed is at your router. Knowing what the line speed is coming into your home can be a helpful tool as well. My guess is that your connect rate is very low..which translates into a problem at their end....anyway, keep us posted! -Rob
  5. What everyone else has said is excellent info. Also, as one member said, McAfee is a resource hog, and lower resources limits your computer's ability to process information (such as downloaded information). A connection is only as fast as your computer. I used to use McAfee, now I use Adaware and Windows Defender - they scan for viruses AND spyware, and don't run all the time. I run them every night at 3 AM. This saves system resources, and my connection no longer suffers (as it used to).
  6. Hey all, I am in the process of revamping a network setup, and I was wondering if, instead of using a bridge, I can use a crossover cable between two hubs, as long as their uplink ports are turned off. From what I understand, it is the same, but I'm not positive. I want to make sure before I go making a crossover cable. thanks, -Rob
  7. Graphics cards can definitely scare someone away, but for your uses, it should be more than fine. Watching movies, and even playing most games, you should be allright. It isn't a super-graphics computer, but that's not what you're after, so I say it is a good choice. Some graphics cards may surprise you, even if they are integrated (as this one is).
  8. Also, if that doesn't work, try starting the computer up in safe mode (press F9 at startup I think) with the new CD burner unattached. See if the former CD device (if any) is still installed. If yes, then remove it. If not, then shut down the computer. Attach the CD drive as you normally would. Perhaps then Windows will recognize it (this works for me with sound cards and the like).
  9. Try and download TCP Optimizer....I have seen this work well for a lot of people. http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=11975.0
  10. You are not the first person to complain about Comcast. Placing an amplifier on your line will not help things, like swimmer said, 99.9 % of the time..it will only cause problems. If they are not getting enough complaints to make the problem a priority, then the problem is most likely something close to you, if not in your home, simply because with speeds like that at that price, almost everyone in your neighborhood/node would be complaining. Just don't give up...many places will gfive you an "I don't know" answer....just ask to talk to someone who would know. Of course, be polite, that goes a long way these days.
  11. Oh and P.S....if you guys don't want to help b/c you're unsure of the situation or whatever, I completely understand...thanks!
  12. Well here is the catch....I am running a server on this network as well, and she is 23 years old and rebellious, with a boyfriend who thinks he knows all about computers. When he found out that I cleared her cache/cookies (as a part of my weekly maintenance), he password protected her computer. My parents said to keep her offline until they talk to him and her. So I guess I am asking you guys for help in my dirty work, but it really isn't dirty....he has caused some problems on our computers, and this is a way to keep him (and her) off until things are straightenened out. As far as my problem, I think I have it well sorted out. I changed IPs to dynamic...the router is the DHCP server. Since there are 5 computers on my network, I assigned the IP range from to This allows only 4 computers to have an assigned IP from that server. The lease time I have set to 365 days, so it is good for one year (computers wont give up their IPs for a year).
  13. wow....triple my speed for half the cost....maybe ill move to switzerland!
  14. Yea I just changed the IP address setup of my network....I was using static IPs, which hers is set up for....and I changed the rest of the computers to use dynamic IPs...so that should take care of that....thanks for the quick help! -Rob
  15. I have a home network consisting of several computers....I have a problem with my sister, who password protects her computer so that I can't see what she is doing on her computer. I need to block her access to the network (and ultimately, the internet). It is not a wireless connection, it is wired...and there are no options in the router to block access. Any ideas? I figured I could just make the usable IP addresses for our network in a different range than they are now, so as to block her access. Any other ideas? Thanks !!!
  16. PPPoE stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet....it simply means you are,using a dedicated connection to another Ethernet network beyond your router.. As with any Ethernet network (especially cable internet using PPPoE), bandwidth and resources are shared. As traffic increases, bandwidth decreases, and vice-versa...hence your faster speeds at night...small increases are possible, but on a PPPoE connection, what you get at night (as far as bandwidth is concerned) is about the best you will get.
  17. daman4469


    go to My Computer, right-click your dvd drive, click "properties", and select the "AutoPlay" tab...then select "Choose an action to perform", and choose Windows Media Player to be your default. Click "Apply"...then "Ok"....does that help?
  18. My answers for a Verizon DSL connection: A: No B: Very satisfied w/ 3.0/768 speed, its always consistent at 2.92 Mbps C: So-So D: Yes, by phone...I had to pull some strings, but eventually I was satisfied. E: No billing troubles whatsoever. F: Satisfied: Consistent Up/down speed, low latency, consistent connection Dissatisfied: Tech support is rudimentary and slow
  19. Well, your problem is very common. Let me give you an ISP tech support line: Computer maintenance is priceless. My computer also has 512 MB RAM...it by far isn't the fastest machine out there. However, weekly I run maintenance - network updates, cleaning cache and cookies, running antispyware tests, antivirus tests, power cycling my modem, and removing unused programs. Do you do this? It's basic stuff, but sometimes it makes a world of a difference!
  20. With cable internet, you will certainly get higher speeds that 1 Mbps....however, what you will actually get is hard to say. I know a lot of people that have 3.0 Mbps access and are usually right around that speed....others never come close...it all comes down to what Swimmer said in his first post. If you don't have Coax installed, it is pretty pricey to do, depending on how much wiring you need. As far as your phone line condition...phone line is very cheap...and relatively easy to install...simply changing the line from your PTNI (public Telephone Network Interface) box (usually in your basement) to the actual jack you intend to use for your DSL modem would take care of their claim. My guess is that it is BS...DSL uses the same exact wire in the line as your phone (the red one, I believe)...so if your phone works fine, so should your DSL. There are exceptions, but if it is copper wire, I would say that is BS. Remember, they want to avoid coming to your residence at all costs. It sounds like you're really far out from the CO. As for a tech though, I had a problem with my connection at my house too, and she came and installed new wire for free, and it took care of everything. It turned out that Verizon crossed my line with another DSL subscriber's at the remote terminal, causing slow speeds. I say work with your connection a little before doing a complete internet connection makeover. Hope this helps!
  21. That Netgear router sounds fine...almost any 802.11g router will reach 50 feet...some reach over 300! And making it to another floor? No problem either. MAC address filters are a good way to keep people out, but the more secure, the better....especially if you have close neighbors. Enable WPA (WiFi Protected Access) encryption on your network....it is very secure as far as scrambling data to bystanders. To the naked eye, it is pretty much password protecting your wireless network. And, as with any other password...the longer, the better!
  22. The fact of the matter is....if your advertised range is where you say it is, even if it is uncapped, it is unlikely you will ever come close to reaching your highest advertised speed, being that you are using a cable connection. Your bandwidth is shared with all of your neighbors, and if your neighbor is Pirus the music Pirate, you are screwed. Look in your network neighborhood...you will see all of your neighbors in there. I recommend using Internet Explorer to test your download speeds, but not simply using its download utility. I have very accurate testing from www.speakeasy.net/speedtest. Resetting or changing your TCP/IP recieve window will do very little for a slower broadband connection. If you want to play around a little, remove any firewalls - software or hardware - and see if that helps. My connection is about 100kbps (12.2kBps) slower with a firewall up due to overhead...but it is worth it to me. Also, I know that at least 75 % of the time, when I have a client complaining about slow internet speeds over a broadband connection....it is a simple computer problem. Clear your cache, cookies, history, disk cleanup, and defragment your hard drive. Uninstall any programs you don't use(it is easy for them to build up). Only have critical processes run at startup. Remember, your internet connection is only as fast as your computer...a computer overwhelmed with processes will surely show "slow" internet speeds. I say try that before messing with any TCP/IP recieve window settings, etc.
  23. ahhhh so maybe i should make my IPs dynamic, and have the DMZ forward all traffic to my westell....ill try that, and post back
  24. haha yea, good call, tommie....ur way is a much better way to put it!
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