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  1. BOR15

    Dropped tests

    i am running auto test and seeing dropped tests and have seen 15 not recorded in 8 hours
  2. OK on closer inspection i think i worked out the top graph. It is the analysis of the download to see how consistent the actual speed of the download is.
  3. When you look at My results, you get 1 graph. But when you are doing an auto test, you see 2 graphs. Can someone explain the top graph please
  4. BOR15

    Dropped tests

    thank you .. When the site went down, my browser actually crashed with a site error and didn't continue testing. The dropped tests i was referring to are random and have been explained as duplicate ID so were not logged.
  5. BOR15

    Dropped tests

    thats cool .. was asking to see if it was something maybe at my end. this is a quick screen grab of why im testing. It is the last 24 hours. I have stable speeds of 47Mbps and then after my 1830 test i decline to 1.6 at 2045 then back to full at 2315 ... the ISP, TPG in Australia, states an evening speed of 45Mbps
  6. Hey Guys, Hope someone can assist. When doing continuous tests i find that some tests are dropped. For example, i am doing DL tests every 15 mins to test the stability of a new connection. i had teats at 1400, 1415, 1430 1445, 1515, 1530. The 1500 test was not run. TIA Boris
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