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  1. Here on testmy-net it shows my speed is at or above what I'm supposed to have (25mbps). When I test my speed on other web sites it shows usually less than 5mbps. I suspect my actual speed is less than the 25 mbps as it takes a good while before things open and videos from You Tube will hardly play at all. I tried a 4:29 video and after about 10 of waiting I finally gave up.
  2. Does anyone else experience slow Internet connections, yet when they run a speed test it says they are at or above the promised speed? Then if you run a speed test from another website it shows a much slower speed. I tend to agree with the slower speed results as I recently tried to watch a You Tube video. It took three minutes for the video to open and then after it opened it would run about two seconds then quit. Two minutes later it would run two seconds again. After ten minutes I finally gave up. Is HughesNet deceiving us on our promised speeds?
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