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    Internet Speeds

    Thank You
  2. Gardian

    Internet Speeds

    Yes, this PC is old , but it still works well as long as I don't have to fight Microsoft and or Charter Spectrum . I finally figured out that this USB Ethernet adapter was connected incorrectly , because in the printed instructions , it stated to connect to the modem , so I called the Mfg and they said connect to the PC cable going to the router and WOW this thing wants to run away on me . I am subscribed to 200Mbps internet speed , but when I run various speed test's now I have reached up to 220 on this 1Gbit adapter , is this legit or should I actually run higher ? Thank You
  3. Gardian

    Internet Speeds

    I have an HP Pavilion 500a60 wired , another forum member recommended a USB adapter , since I have a proprietary designed system and HP will not allow additions/modifications . I have Charter Spectrum and my speed is 200Mbps subscribed . How is a USB adapter going to boost my speed ?
  4. Gardian

    Internet Speeds

    Can I use my test results , to fuss with my ISP to get what I am paying for . Also , my ISP said I have to have a 200 meg card in my desk top in order to get my 200mbps speed , is this true if so I will have to buy a new pc , what will I look for on specs . A card reader , motherboard etc ? I'm also not a IT pro , nor do I speak a lot of PC speak so bear with me . I do think, I may have found a site where I will receive a PC education though . Thank You Gardian
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