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  1. So after a long time of struggling to figure the reason for a network bottle neck i stumbled upon THIS guide, and low and behold changing my netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal in the command prompt fixed my net issue, I'm getting full like I do on my work computer. Issue was reversed though had problems on my windows 7 machine while my windows 10 had full speed, problem had plagued me for months, not sure why I didn't stumble upon this guide sooner, oh well cheers.
  2. Hello, to preface this post I'd like to say I work as a legal videographer for a living, I regularly process and upload video to attorneys offices and court reporting firms so I take the quality of my net speed very seriously as it's part of my business and living. Alternatively I also casually game and stream to twitch Tv for fun so I also care about my net quality from a hobbyist standpoint as well. I recently moved and installed new internet at my place of residence and have been getting some results that I need a further opinion on. One of my computers is getting way below my other compute
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