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    fasencio got a reaction from CA3LE in Greetings from Chile - Testing "Mundopacifico Fiber 100 Mb"   
    Yes Sir It is a huge drop.
    Called several times and even posted an "official claim". But still no answer.
    During last holiday , the drop was during the whole daylight hours, max 2 mB.
    TestMynet has been very helpfull with the automated testing procedure and graphical representation of results after several 6 - 12 hours testing every half hour I have done. Thank you all .
    Every now and then , when I was present, I double checked the speed with typical Oklas Speedtest. Just to make shure that when "it drops" it efectively "drops". no matter the testing tool used.
    Just finished contracting with another ISP , MOVISTAR in this case. The new contracted download speed is not that high but I hope it will be stable. It is an ADSL
    I have no other tech options in my home town.
    In my country , Chile, It is thankfully free to opt in or out of an ISP contract with no explaining to do. Except for proportional day to day charge until the day of departure.
    If This new "slower" connection satisfies me , I am going to drop Mundopacífico alltogether, apart from following legal procedures for not answering my claims. 
    Greetings from Chile
    Have a Nice day Sir

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