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  1. I have another developing Eastlink story should I post it here or start a new topic? Laz Lo
  2. HP XPS8300, Windows 7, - wired cat5e, - Hitron 4582 ver., - After months of calls and their lip service finally in July 2019 after doing everything Eastlink told me to do router, computer adjustments etc. tech replaced drop, replaced modem /router. As you can see not much if any change. (sarcasm switch on) The battle goes on between my incompetence and Eastlink's.(sarcasm switch off) They blame me/my equipment, I blame them/their equipment! Thanks for your help. Laz Lo
  3. Thank you for your analysis. Watching you work through the info simply amazing. East link say there is no problems. they send me to the "other" test that they use for proof! I will post the info you request. REPLY
  4. 41 Views, any suggestions? original post s/b 20 Mbps.
  5. I am paying Eastlink for 20 Mbps. My speed since I joined TMN a year ago, has varied from 20 Mbps down to 0.49 Mbps. Now this change is irregular no pattern that I can see. Makes it difficult to use the internet when it is this way. My question is why and how do I solve this problem. Eastlink has been no help. Wants me to upgrade to 100 Mbps that will solve my problem, (more money!), no assurances that it will solve the problem. https://testmy.net/quickstats/lazloslozar
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