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  1. TomiD

    400+ everywhere else but >10 here. HELP!

    Update: I purchased a Thunderport ethernet adapter today and since i plugged that in I have seen dramatic increase in stability and overall speed. I know this isnt an option for some computers but figured I'd let anyone reading know. Still not anywhere near advertised speeds though...
  2. TomiD

    400+ everywhere else but >10 here. HELP!

    1000 mbps advertised. I am testing via ethernet already, some of the earlier tests may have been over wireless. All tests are being taken on the same machine.
  3. Been going crazy trying to figure out why the test is so much slower here than everywhere else. I know that here it is a linear test and other sites will skew the numbers/closer servers to beef them up a bit but the difference seems too high for everything to be ok. I've gone through the troubleshooting guides everywhere with no luck. Here are some results from just now. Testmynet GoogleFiber speedtest.net AT&Ts speed test (my ISP) shows 900+ ... lol. So any advice for me or is it time to call my ISP ? Thanks
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