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  1. Ok now to the person that found that pdf file for my case THANK YOU!! You da man or woman. That soooooo helped. Ok now dont kill me ok?? First off It was the case speaker I was thinking was the battery. Huh. Sure looks like a battery. Now by the pdf file you found. Number 27 (or step 27) Is exactly the wires I speak of. Or steps 25 through 29 that I wonder about. With all due respect. I know someone posted what they thought may be right according to the colors I posted above. Now that you know exactly which cluster of wires I speak of could you pretty plese give me a exact rundown on what wires do what according to the there colors Blue and white Red and Black (case speaker I thought was a battery) Orange and White Red and White Green and White Sorry if I am being a pain.
  2. I do like the case itself. Seems to run cool enough. Not really crazy about the tunnel thing though. Seems to get clogged (the screen) with dust. I may remove it and replace with a fan. I saw that the back will hold a 120 mm fan I may install as well. My local staples has finally taken notice of us that build our own and are selling fans and other stuff. I am almost sure all the wireing is right now. Still unsure about the battery thing, Computer runs fine, guages work, Computer boots fine. Will be nice to have this information for the future just in case. I will save it. I so apreciate you guys takeing the time to help. Any more info you find sure would be handy. Just seems so odd finding the wireing diagram for the front of the case to the motherboard is so hard to track down. When I swaped motherboards I replace with the same exact one. Old one had a bad dim slot. I thought that group of wires I pulled were in one cluster, Oops!! I had no idea they were all seprate. Live and learn. Just stoped and did my best to write down and rember what went to what on that cluster. Guess I remberd and did it right.
  3. Well like I said. The monster lives and runs. Just unsure about that cluster. May have it right (dumb luck?) Not sure. Everything seems ok. Just unsure about the red and black with what apears to be a battery? You would think they would tag thoes wires or offer some type of wireing diagram? At least you gave me a start. Its been tough to find anything or anyone who can offer some kind of clue. I thank you.
  4. I have hunted and googled and just can not find the answer. I replaced my motherboard. All went ok, infact im useing it now. There is a cluster of wires im unsure of the placement on the motherboard. They are NOT tagged. Its a aspire x cruiser case Antec smart power 400 watts power supply Asus m2npv-vm I have the motherboard book and understand it and the wireing placement. I have 5 sets of dual wires that I assume are for the case itself but unsure. Blue and white Red and Black with a battery on the end? Orange and White Red and white Greem and white I am close to haveing it right. Just not sure the function of these 5 sets of dual wires. Sure could use some help edit: subject spelling
  5. Have not yet tried it but sure thank you tons for the link. I looked all over for that information. Guess I just missed it. Looks like what I was looking for. If it does not solve the issue I will repost again. If not. It worked and that fixed it. Thank you so very very much. When it comes to mp3 players Im clueless. Strange. I can turn xp inside out and do pretty much anything with my computer but something simple like a mp3 player and I am just lost.
  6. Ok friend of mine got her kids a scandisk sansa c200 mp3 players. Now when I try to put the mp3 music on it it says incorrect format. Im sure the file is mp3. Um the way I got the song may be just a bit questionable if you catch my drift. I even tried to music from a cd to the player again no luck. Any ideas or suggestions?? I did play the file and it works fine on the computer.
  7. Thank you for the article. That will help. I do still have the documentation for my current motherboard. It will be replaced with the same exact motherboard. While I could send it in. I have no desire to send the entire computer and have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for it to come back. Not to mention the hassle of getting it packaged and to the ups store. After reading what you guys had to say and reading Im positive I am gonna tackle it. I will order it soon. I think It will be a cool learning process. Just use some common sense, take my time, read as much as possible before tackling it. I just thank goodness I got the tower with the removable motherboard tray. That will help TONS!! Thank you all much. I apreciate it.
  8. I have to replace my motherboard. Its something I have never done before. I am debateing on how to do it. Should I do it myself or pay someone else. The only thing that worries me is my cpu, and screwing it up. I have a bad dimm slot and the motherboard is still under warranty. The place I got it from will exchange or credit my account, which is fine because I will be getting my video card from them anyway. Here is my game plan and sure could use any and all imput. Thank you all. I don't have a floppy but will make sure I have the bios to flash it on cd before I start. 1. The motherboard is on a removable tray so getting to it is super easy. 2. I will buy the same exact motherboard, 3. I have a diagram to the motherboard. I will tag each wire with a number and on the diagramm make sure I put the number of the wire that goes to that slot. 4. Will take a pictue before I start takeing it apart just to help in case. Am I missing anything? The motherboard itself is close to a hundred bucks. Its not that expensive. Just seems pointless to ship the whole computer back. Shipping would be probally atleast 100 bucks.
  9. I am 99 percent sure I have a bad dimm slot on my ausus motherboard. Its a M2WPV-VM. I put 4 sticks of ddr2 ram in and it only shows 1.46. I then took out all the ram. Used just one stick of 512 ram. One slot at a time and started the puter. 3 of the 4 booted fine. The fouth slot would not boot. Used the same stick of ram so I am sure its not the stick of ram itself. It did work fine in the other 3 slots. Has anyone ever replaced one of these. Myself I wont. I will either ship the whole puter back and let them fix it. Its still under warinty. Or let a local shop put one in. Depends on the cost. If its cheeper just to have a local shop replace it than to ups the whole puter back to the factory I may go that route. Oh its a barebones setup and the motherboard tray is removable so it should not be that big of deal to replace. Apreciate any imput.
  10. I think its just that simple. The death of common sense. Technology has alowed us to be as lazy as we want. Never have to leave the house for anything. Personally I think the amish have the right idea. How many over weight amish does one see. Thats what I mean. The death of common sense. We can thank our goverment for part of it. Ourselfs for the rest.
  11. First we had the dual core cpu. Now the quad 4 cpu is out. I can only imagine how many salesman will con the average user into spending alot more money on a computer by convincing them the dual are twice as fast and the quads being 4 times as fast as the single core cpu. From everything I have seen and herd the dual core at best will give you MAYBE a 30 percent boost over the single core. Most average users will never notice it. Acording to pcmag the quad chips are no better. Most will never notice the increase in preformace over the single core. Of course the hard core geeks will overclock them and brag about the benchmark tests. Just hope common sense prevails. Sure you can pay big bucks for a car that will do 180 miles an hour. Where in the usa can you utilize that speed. Computers are no diffrent. Sure you can pay big bucks for a computer that will screem, but do you really need it? Is the cost worth shaving a few seconds of load time for a program? Just hope the hardcore geeks as well as the weekend geeks educate there friends and pass along the real information that its just hype. I am getting ready to build my next computer. Yea I can afford it so I did go with a dual core cpu chip. Its the atholon 64 4200 dual core chip. I get it up and running an about a month or so I will let ya all know my thoughts compared to a single core.
  12. Yes It can forsure be done. You must look else wear other than microsoft to find.
  13. I always believed that firefox for the lack of better words was almost like a cult. Use fire fox more secure faster. Well for a while i did use firefox. After about the 10th time I got the silly error "fox had to close bla bla bla" I got rid of it. I decided to give opera a shot. All I can say is flipping WOW!! It makes firefox look like ie. A simple right click and you can block whatever ads you no longer want to see. No more hunt and search for plugins to get it to work the way you want. I have been useing it for about a week and have yet to see one page that failed to render right. Now they may of fixed allot of issues with firefox 2. No idea. For now I will just use opera.
  14. I actually used this one day for work. The boss laughed so hard she went ahead and let me have the night off. I told her I had "anal glacoma". Of couse she had never herd that lame excuse before and asked what it ment. Said simple. I just can not see my ass comming to work today. Got me the night off. Feel free to use it and clam it as your own. Thats what I did.
  15. Well after looking around and such I spent the cash and bought me one. Its a 19 inch wide screen. Considering I was useing a a super old 15 monitor this thing is a flipping monster. Paid with tax about 230.00. Its almost to much screen. Can hang it on the wall. Really gonna look into hooking my t.v. into it. Not sure how I have never done that but considering it in a big way. Thank you all
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