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  1. EDIT: (When I posted this it appeared under the name Big Beef and not Pahoo. Big Beef was another old nickname I had so now I’m confused ??‍♂️ if I created 2 accounts⁉️ I’m supposed to be Pahoo Katawah.) This site has allowed me to document the incredibly poor service I’ve been receiving and the ISP responded by confirming it and said they need to do pole work. They’ve called the police to arrange a day/time and I’m waiting to hear back about it. I pay for 400 Mbps down but receive between 50 and 150 (see my testing results). If I pay for 100 Mbps I save $10/month! I’m just going to keep pushing them, which is why I spend my time running and sending test results instead of getting in here to the forum ☹️ ?‼️ Pahoo
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