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  1. New at this site so I will just explain my speed connectivity issue. . . Everything is in order according to my Hughesnet website administrators (PLENTY OF CELLULAR DATA, EVERYTHING WORKING AT PEAK PERFORMANCE, WEATHER NOT IMPACTING CONNECTION) yet I have average 10 seconds wait to surf web pages going on 3 weeks (often wait is much longer or have to refresh which often doesn't work). According to HughesNet administrators the weather is not causing the problem. This sounds completely wrong to me since I have satellite connectivity with HughsNet. The Hughesnet dish was adjusted 3 weeks ago by a service person - good for a few days then problems start all over again. Am getting a speed test on this site to further research issue. May have to break Hughes.net contract and pay $400. and go to Cable One. Nothing seems to help for last 3 months. Maybe Testmy.net will prove my case and I can cancel Hughes.net contract with no penalty - since Hughes.net violated contract with faulty product. Does this sound familiar to anyone using Hughes.net?
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