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  1. First, thanks for this site! I came across it while investigating what appears to be occasional slowness on my internet. Speedtest.net run from my phone repeatedly reports less than 1MB down but I'm not aware of other devices seeing such bad speeds. Netflix and other streaming services are run all the time and work great, except occasionally will hang and rebuffer for a few minutes...usually after a little while these go away. I was looking for a way to run some sort of connection test over time and came across this site. What I'm wondering is after running an automated test over a couple of days, it appears (at least from running it from a chromebook) that I'm generally getting the advertised speed from my ISP, and it averages out pretty well. But there are occasional dips. I'm not seeing a pattern in those dips either. Here is my log from here: https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&l=100&q=petertirrell Is this somewhat normal for a cable modem connection? My ISP is WOW (Wide Open West), but I didn't see a dedicated forum for that on these boards. Without running another extended test over a set of days or maybe a couple weeks it's hard to say whether this is the general pattern or not but I'd be curious to know what a normal baseline might be. Thanks again,
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