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  1. You are correct in that it could assign the drives as anything under win7 it will not effect your xp in the slightest though and it doesn't matter a whole lot I would probably do it under Win7 just to make sure I don't erase or move a critical system partition

    Also once assigned you can always change drive letter assignment under win7 you shouldn't even need a reboot as they won't be system disks

  2. Np and sorry I was on my phone yesterday and didn't see your other question till now. When you install your new hd and boot up your winxp it will assign a new letter to it after all your current partitions once you install win 7 on your new hard drive it will read all those partitions and assign them a letter automatically but it should not effect the lettering under winxp. Under win7 the hard drive it is installed on will be C: drive even if on your Winxp it reads as Z:

    Hope that made a little sense

  3. Yes that's precisely what I mean you should run a few tests from each of the testmy.net servers. your router could very well be a bottleneck for you even when hardwired via ethernet it definately should not be limiting your speeds by as much as your seeing though

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