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  1. Check and make sure your network adapter is not set to half duplex or 10mbps mode but auto detect or full duplex if your using wired and make sure your WiFi router isn't using wireless b also note if you connect a legacy wireless b device to your router your router will slow all WiFi connections down to that rate while it is connected

  2. Run an auto speed test at https://testmy.net/auto till he gets there the longer the better and do short intervals so he can see the fluctuation if he even hints that it is our servers tell him we are hosted in softlayer datacenters and they are some of the most powerful datacenters in the world with more then 20Gbps of network infrastructure and our servers run on multiple dedicated 1Gbps lines you can read more at https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php even he should know what that means and what kind of traffic it would take to saturate our lines

    And sorry for the crammed messages I've been on my phone all day. Out with the family

  3. Yeah there is some serious inconsistency in your upload rate and good that is exactly what I was going to recommend you do when I had issues it took them about a month to finally fix it during that time I had 2-3 tech's per week at my house i was even learning their names and they rewired my drop and house multiple times they changed out countless connections and splitters tried different attenuators and finally I got an actual maintenance tech to come out and check the local node

  4. Well first and foremost streaming at a 3k bitrate is all well and fine but it also depends on what resolution your streaming I'm assuming at least 720p maybe even 1080p? back when I used to stream I streamed 1080p at 2.2k bitrate and it required a solid 3-4Mbps upload rate from what I read you need somewhere around 10Mbps upload to upload a 3k with a decent audio quality aswell at 1080p your upload should be plenty fast enough... The first thing I would do is bypass your router and connect your streaming computer directly to your modem and retest this will be a process of elimination so bare with us and if it turns out its your isp the only solution is to call and complain daily till its fixed I've had issues like that before aswell and my isp swore it was my issue when it turns out it was a bad amplifier at their local node in my neighborhood

  5. Just to add a different perspective ( hopefully not confusion )  to Mr.yukons post


    Most local static assignments would be considered as DHCP reservations, depending on the appliance of course, and so long as the reservation assignments are outside of the DHCP range.


    Here's part of my local mess, the blue highlighted are auto DHCP addresses assigned by the DHCP server |range| , where the others are static reservations assigned via mac address, or physical network device.




    However I am curious Mr.Yukon , what devices allow setting static, reservations or otherwise within a DHCP range ? Mind you I don't do a lot of 'home

     devices as of late to be in the know on the reasoning or possible conflicts of that. I have not seen any device that function this way, or am I completely mis understanding the basics of reserving IP adresses, and how a dynamic ip server functions ?



    The printer should not NEED a static IP for the iPhone to catch it , this sounds more like as Mr.Yukon touched on , a hostname forwarding/ caching issue. 


    true the printer should not need it but i've had much better success on my home network having my printer using a static address then a dynamic one because then i don't get the occassional cannot communicate with the printer messages and have to restart the printer

  6. Howdy

    they just finished laying fiber down our street; not sure when they go "Live", but we're on the List...tired of the slow DSL dry-loop; so, please tell me...how is the new fiber...looks like your getting 80 down...whew...I've on the the 'up-to-6' ATT plan for years now, and it rarely gets past 5, let me tell you...but for the most part, I can still stream netflix, or Uverse movies, youtube stuff without too many problems...(sometimes I tweak the system...shut down all the background stuff going on to help out)--


    --But heck, with 80...it must be screaming!...Please let me ask?...Do you use a proxy server?...I found that HotSpotShield has my browsing drop 1...and sometimes it c r a w l s ........checked for virus by ms system checker...nothing!...run win7, 3GHZ dual cpu;


    Had to change out the modem/router...the old 2wire was causing drops...the new netgear n300 is pretty smooth so far...except when I run the proxy server...Tell me if you experience similar loss of bandwidth?




    hotspotshield routes all your traffic through one of their servers as it does for any other person using hotspotshield at that moment so what you end up with especially during peak hours are very congested servers that can offer you very little bandwidth

    once their servers available bandwidth drops below your max you'll see side effects such as it feeling like its crawling


    you'd probably be better off getting a paid proxy then a free one if that sort of thing bothers you or your trying to stream while using it

  7. Hey, if you buy a quality PC.. it will probably last. I'm not doggin' the hardware... I'm talking about the OS.

    There are plenty of awesome PCs out there... like totally insane, make people jealous computers that can blow away any Apple computer... it's just too bad you can't put OSX on them.

    As long as you buy hardware osx has the drivers for you can install vanilla osx on it no problem

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