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  1. alright i had a little time today so i looked up some router models well within your price range



    Netgear N900 -$129
    Netgear N600 -$99
    Asus RT-N56U -$99
    D-Link N750 -$89
    D-Link DIR-850L -$129


    Any of those routers would be a fine choice, many of which you will find in your local best buy


    as for the modem


    your options are limited but i did find the Arris TM822G brand new for $130 with free shipping


    it would be quite a bit cheaper then its motorola counterpart which hovers around $180 just for the modem/telephone 


    if you decided on the Arris and got say the Netgear N900 both have free shipping and would put your total investment around $250 you would be rid of that pesky leasing charge and have a much more powerful homenetwork


    the Arris TM822G is approved for comcast Xfinity aswell


    and to answer your questions earlier


    Golly thanks! Now if only I understood all that.


    I think I got a handle on 4 port = 4 Ethernet ports?

    Wireless n = is about the lastest technology of adapters if there isn't something already in the works upgrade

    Dual band got that ... not simultaneous got that ... but which is preferable?


    E4 ~~ running Tomato? = man, I'm lost in the bean patch

    Qos = some kinda operating system but what "Q" is I dunno.



    Wireless N - correct!

    Dual Band - can be simultaneous 2.4GHz is preferable because 5GHz is almost line of sight the higher the freqency the more interference there is going through objects such as walls


    E4 - i believe hes referring to the linksys E4000 series router and tomato is a type of open source firmware that can be installed


    QoS - Quality of Service think of it like load balancing it's supposed to on a connection by connection basis ( every connection your computer makes to the outside world which is typically hundreds even thousands ) classify and prioritize. what that does is say your streaming a HD movie and someone else on your wifi starts a simple file download from a website, it's supposed to keep your streaming at a higher priority so your packets are always transferred first as to eliminate buffering,


    what i've found with QoS is most routers do not have the resources to do this properly so you might actually lose thoroughoutput by the router being overwhelmed with tasks. i usually do not use this feature


    and firmware is like an kind of like an operating system think of it as windows is for your computer a firmware is the base operating system for the router or just about any electronic device even your TV has firmware or cellphone

  2. i've never replaced a modem like that but any cable modem you can get that does not have the router built in will be just fine... i don't believe the arris modem you linked has the telephony built in, the motorola one does though


    as for routers i'm really liking d-link and netgear at the moment i am far from impressed with the linksys stuff that has been coming out recently and i haven't had much success with belkin in years if your wanting me to help you look up some models of routers i'd be happy to in the morning just let me know how many devices your looking to connect what kind of range you might want and your budget

  3. If i gets the ultimate for less than 136 then i would have a 400GB cap limited set compare to what i have with this 600GB cap set for 2x premier tier lines.


    I'll stick with the two premier tiers for higher cap limited.


    when i had ultimate i consistantly went over the 400GB cap and even now i consistantly go over the 300GB cap and have never heard a peep from cox about it

  4. Well the modem I am referring to is for cable Internet and it would probably help a lot you see your cable modem will sync to see specific channel over time and if that channel is saturated with to many clients you won't see your bandwidth docsis3.0 modems bond multiple channels to achieve your advertised speeds so think of it as multi threading a download the cool thing about docsis3.0 modems is even docsis2.0 service benefits from them there is a post on here somewhere explaining that I will try to find it for you in a bit when I'm not posting from my mobile

  5. what you already have and plan to do are really your only options unless you switch to cable. It sounds like it has been a while since you used it they could have upgraded and even if they haven't you could always try a docsis3.0 modem as they support channel bonding even when your not using docsis3.0 service

  6. you are correct there is no device to handle modem/router/telephone but there are modems you can buy which handle modem/telephone where you could still add your own router


    the devices i found which support telephone/docsis 3.0 below






    also i've been reading that best buy sells the ARRIS modem for around $150

  7. i still have my old droid razr that just updated to jelly bean. 4g just came into my area like in the last couple weeks or so and i have to say 4g runs like absolute CRAP in my area. my 3g speeds used to be pretty decent for it being 3g...and when im in say joplin, mo 4g is amazing. yet returning to kansas ....4g is slower than my original cable internet package of 1.5mbps down. i dont get it :-(.

    but mainly posted to say the droid dna is awesome. i've used one and thats what im upgrading to when i quit being cheap and go use my upgrade.

    Yeah I was in the same boat I was using a thunderbolt and it was a great phone but it was beginning to have some issues as old phones tend to so I finally got fed up and upgraded and man am I glad I did

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