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  1. I just got myself a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I have to say I love it.


    It's only a Dual Core 1.2Ghz, but with as powerful and clean as Android 4.2 is, it runs like a champion.


    This thing has 4G as well, however I don't get it where I live. I will however be testing it tomorrow, as I am going to a city where it gets 4G coverage.


    Having never owned a smart-phone before, I have to say, I am VERY impressed with how powerful this one is. Not only is it fast, but the feature-set is crazy. And the voice-recognition software on it is almost as powerful as Siri, and will probably end up more powerful than it. (After all, it's Google.)


    I am also quite impressed with Sprint's 3G network, as it's actually fairly quick. And from what I have heard about their 4G network, it runs quite well.





    yes the new android stuff is really cutting edge and i'm having the same experience with jelly bean, smooth as butter



    holy mackeral , (quad core 1.5ghz cpu and 2GB of ram..) is chasing the tail on my desk top computer ? ,

    maybe I need to upgrade my life , still using smoke signals for comunication ,


    Mind you I nearly turned a human into a droid last week ,  she was so in love with her phone  she figured  texting was more

    important than checking the road before crossing , while I nearly hit  an approching bus trying to avoid her  ,




    aha yeah the cpu is the same amount of cores as my desktop at half the speed, and the phone is as thin as my actual CPU for my desktop... its crazy  how powerful they are making such small devices

  2. So this morning I finally got fed up with my old android phone it had been doing strange things lately so I decided to upgrade.. I got myself the new DROID DNA it sports 4G LTE from Verizon a quad core 1.5ghz cpu and 2GB of ram.. Smoothest phone I've ever owned or used

  3. Well, I can confirm that you've got a good testing server TriRan. I just pulled nearly 100 Mbps from that server to my house 375 miles away.


    So maybe Cox isn't bandwidth shaping... just has a route to Texas for me that's got a bottleneck.

    Awesome very glad to hear


    edit: i just did some testing of my own to it... i'm very pleased with the stats the server is bringing in i just tested at 40Mbps to it and i figured out why i'm getting such higher speeds then before... they upped the premier tier aswell to 50Mbit 

  4. @jimeee i didn't change anything on the server i'm not exactly sure what is going on :\

    edit: both my servers are getting an error i'm not sure it has anything to do with my setup it might be a CA3LE thing



    Chicago error

    Fatal error: SourceGuardian Loader - This script has expired. Please contact the script author about this problem. Error code [09] in /home/pmcgaming/server2/tmn/testmy-download.php on line


    LA error

    Fri Feb 15 12:56:34 2013] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] FastCGI: server "/home/testmy/server3.pmcgaming.com/server3.pmcgaming.com.0fake" stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  SourceGuardian Loader - This script has expired. Please contact the script author about this problem. Error code [09] in /home/testmy/server3.pmcgaming.com/tmn/index.php on line 2
  5. Seriously, they said that?! Wow.

    With Cox you're not under contract. So they can deny you service for any reason they want to.

    I can't believe that customer service. When I worked for them they wouldn't stand for that. Did you email yourself the transcript from their site? You should email that to Cox. I bet that they will happily provide that information. You just talked to a temp... I say temp because people that treat customers that way don't last long there. "I didn't make the website..." How effen rude. Also, when I was with Cox they had caps... but they rarely enforced them. It was more in place to give them a reason to ban people that are abusing connections. They can tell if your traffic for instance is heavily torrents. If you're seeding a bunch of movies... Yeah, they're going to see that you hit that cap and investigate. Case by case. I have months where I pull 1-2 TB on my Cox Ultimate. But it's legitimate traffic. I've never hear a thing from them. ... Here's a tip, if you do download torrents, don't seed. Turn the upload settings down to one thread and 1 kB/s, some clients 0 will mean unlimited. They go after the upload abusers... not the people who are legitimately using their connection.

    Someone in Vegas was just talking about that system being more strict. Telling him that he'd have to get more than one connection if be keeps it up. I've never had an issue and my connection is constantly over that 'cap'. That's maybe why they don't mention it anywhere... it's not really a rule. ... I don't know for sure if it still holds true today, it's been 13 years since I was told this information. But when I asked my boss at Cox he told me this stuff. It's not a rule it's just a red flag, basically. They will at least give you a warning if it does become an issue. They WON'T shut you off automatically or anything. I promise you that. As long as you're not abusing your connection.

    Same here I'm constantly over the caps and never hear anything a lot of streaming hd videos online on my network regularly use 1TB a month

  6. Just tried out the testmy.net San Jose server and it is way slow for whatever reason.  I got a download of a little over 8Mbps and then tested to Texas and got a little over 15Mbps...  I am located in SW Washington State.  I usually get real good speeds when I test into San Jose with SpeedTest.com like just now 25Mbps down.  I realize there is a difference.  But I would probably be getting about 25Mbps from the old testmy.net Seattle server if I was getting 25Mbps from Speedtest.com from San Jose. 


    But what do I know as I am just an 81 year olddawg...haha...


    No matter what thanks for all of you guys hard work as it is appreciated...




    I just got 14.2Mbps down to Amsterdam...  I like that...haha...

    no i noticed this too i live in phoenix and only pulled 12Mbps from it... i've got a ticket in with the host i'm really not sure whats up with it i may have to switch my hosting sooner then i thought
  7. It may be a work, but I am not sure about the progress...haha...  I keep looking for the new West Coast server.  Maybe it is like a UFO, it may be seen or it may not be seen.  Probably depending on how much faith, well maybe faith isn't the right word either...


    Just kidding for those who might not understand...haha...


    Where oh where...???




    west coast server is now available you should be able to see it at https://testmy.net/mirror
  8. I have COX "Ultimate" 150Mbps down/20Mbps up ($109/month). Honestly, I am confused. While I expected this test to be the most accurate because it is not flash (and I assume not Java either) this is the slowest I ever got. I Can hardly hit 20Mbps when testing here but when using other tests (sites), I get 100Mbps + ... someone enlighten me.

    this test can detect quite a few issues you won't see on flash or java based tests... this site can detect issues with incorrect settings MTU, RWIN, or browser settings... aswell as HDD issues. can also detect issues with ethernet cables, modems, routers and even issues that might be from your drop or even local node aswell as routing issues

    it doesn't look like your having routing issues unless they are very centralized to your location

  9. Your Right Mud, Plese accept my apology. I did not word my first post right. I want the ability to boot from either DVD or Hard Drive without having to go in and make change my BIOS.

    If I put DVD in the first boot order, and there is no DVD in the drive, It won't skip that drive and Move on to hard drive. That should make more senese. Sorry.

    Forgot to add, If I do put a DVD in the drive, it will boot no problem. If the DVD is empty, it won't skip the DVD and move on to boot from hard drive.

    That's what I thought you were saying it could be a glitch with either the motherboard or dvd drive it may just be one of those things you have to live with try updating your bios If no update is available try restoring bios to default

  10. Ok good to know. Only other thing I'm worried about is the life of my SSD. I know a SSD can only do so many read and write cycles. About how long should it last me? Do I really need to worry about writing and deleting files to much?


    i wouldn't! like all types of storage making paraodic backups on a different drive is always a good thing and from everything i've read they actually should have better life than a traditional HDD

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