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    DaniBot reacted to CA3LE in New Version Feedback   
    Fixed!  Thanks for catching that... very odd error actually.  It was a quick and easy find and fix though.  Just not completely sure why that happened in that specific instance.  It's like, even though I found the 15 characters of code that caused it... it's unclear to me why that would have been an issue.  But that's programming for you.
    I agree.  I don't think the majority of people out there will prefer dark mode all the time... but I like that there's an option now.  
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    DaniBot reacted to Pgoodwin1 in New Version Feedback   
    @CA3LE  I like having the dark mode option. Thanks. 
    I noticed that on the Results page, the Light/Dark selector link at the bottom of the page isn’t there. It’s there on the Download and Upload pages. 
    The date range selector on the Results is pretty cool too. The downside is when you want to display say 6 months of results, you have to scroll the calendar when you used to be able to just enter a number of days. Not sure if you can come up with an easy way to allow the user to just enter the number of days.
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    DaniBot reacted to Sean in New Version Feedback   
    With me, it's similar with running speed tests at night, such as while travelling with someone in a car or on a bus.  Even with my phone screen dimmed to minimum, a white page background still gives off plenty of light.  This is especailly noticeable when I switch back and forth between the signal meter app (Network Cell Info) which has a black theme and then back to TestMy on the web browser.  This is where I like the dark theme.
    On my PC, I'm happy with the regular white theme particularly during the day time.  So with me, it's difficult to say which theme I prefer most as it depends on the situation, a bit like giving my preference on whether I prefer the room light on or off. ?
    Edit: One issue I've run into with the dark mode is the Express Test does not show the progress meter and the percentage stays at '0%' until the test completes:

    It does this in both Firefox, Chrome and on my mobile Firefox browser also.  The does complete successfully despite showing no progress.  The regular and fixed block size tests show the progress fine in the dark mode. 
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    DaniBot got a reaction from CA3LE in Auto test stuck in UL-test loop   
    Hmmm.. well, i will try a different browser then or maybe i figure out what it causes to break. I mean it worked all the time until a few days ago.

    Regarding the theme:
    Actually wanted to create a feedback thread but since you already asked: I don't like the white background. In my opinion user interfaces should be easy on your eyes and energy saving. Also i don't even find the button to toggle themes.. :/ Can't find it!  

    Imagine the global power usage of Google would make their site dark grey/black for one day

    Thanks and greetings, DaniBot 

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    DaniBot got a reaction from CA3LE in Auto test stuck in UL-test loop   
    I want to set up an auto test every 5 minutes, 200 down, 30 up for x amount of times. The DL-test runs smooth but the DL-test gets stuck in a loop. It aborts when it reaches like 30% and restarts the UL-test. This goes on and on. 

    Win7 64, Brave browser (it's Chrome but with built-in privacy features), connected via WLAN

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    DaniBot got a reaction from CA3LE in Auto test stuck in UL-test loop   
    Fixed it! The automatic upload test works in the new theme.


    Thaank youuu!! ?

    It's much easier on the eyes and my mind now

    I'm looking forward to further options, improvements and bugfixes. This is exciting! 
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    DaniBot reacted to CA3LE in Auto test stuck in UL-test loop   
    Thank you for the feedback, I totally agree.  Actually I started to build in same background but as an option.  Some colorblind people have contacted me and told me certain areas area hard to read.  It will be a future option you can toggle when I finish the settings page... I'm gathering together options and then I'll set that page up for you guys.
    To switch back and forth between the version go to the TMN homepage and click "Old Version" at the bottom.  From the old version you can select the "New Version" the same way.
    As for Dark Mode... I'm going to work on this for you today because I want it too!  I dark mode my life so it's about time my own website has it.  With the new design it's much easier for me to build new things like that, it's just built on a better base.
    I took a minute and applied the "background-noise" theme (that's what I call it anyway) to the new version.  Toggle it and let me know if that's easier on your eyes.

    Need to put screenshots on that homepage (like the old version has) now that I have that done.
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    DaniBot reacted to Sean in Auto test stuck in UL-test loop   
    I gave this a try on my end in a few browsers including Brave (freshly installed) with the old and new theme.  The main difference is I chose 30MB instead of 200MB for the download as my connection is a lot slower.
    In Brave, Chrome and Firefox with the old theme, it ran tests #1, #2 and #3 and skipped tests #4 & #5.  However, it did not restart or get stuck with any test.
    I tried with the new theme in Chrome with the same set up and it ran all 5 test iterations.
    To double-check it was skipping tests #4 and #5, I took a screenshot on the third iteration in the old theme:

    After it ran this third combined test at the 9:04pm, it showed 'Done!' followed by an e-mail.  The following is the results page showing the three combined tests and an arrow pointing to the third test time.  Interestingly the tab shows 'Test 5 of 5' even though it skipped #4 and #5:

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    DaniBot reacted to CA3LE in Auto test stuck in UL-test loop   
    I made you a Dark Mode.
    use the following URLs until I build in the options screen.
    To set Dark Mode visit https://testmy.net/?themeCSS=dark-mode To revert to default visit https://testmy.net/?themeCSS=default  
    Hope you like it, I'll continue to make adjustments.
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    DaniBot got a reaction from CA3LE in Who testmy.net is   
    Hey @djk44883 I was reading through the thread and i enjoyed your critical (yet friendly) and constructive approach. Well done ☀️

    Now to the point and first off: Thanks @CA3LE for keeping up the spirit and the site.

    What i have come up with is that if you have any IT-related people in your friends circle you could show them the website for a "critical test" of the legitimacy of the project/website. 

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