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  1. The beta is much cleaner and a good improvement. Might be interesting to make the learn and details/share aspect a bit more visible, as people could easily miss them. Given the quality of the information in those sections and the marketing implications of the share portion, could be worth drawing a bit more attention to them. Also, think it could be a good addition to add the what makes TMN different somewhere a bit more visible on the results page as well. This is good content, especially for new people to the site and shows your competitive advantage. Overall though
  2. Seems switching to Miami server made a difference.... Thanks for the help. Odd I was getting such weird results prior without changing servers or any settings.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Should've clarified in my comment that the steam screenshot was taken after the test wrapped, started the program update and was consistently hitting 20mb/s+. To your question, have not been downloading a lot from steam or any other large file service. Did also check the devices on the network and the traffic, which there was no issues there either that I could see. The odd thing is my TMN score for the last couple of days has not broken 5 mbps. However, do not seem to run into issues when downloading from Steam, or see an quality degrading when watching 1440
  4. First, really appreciate TMN. Really helped in the past troubleshoot why in my office we were observing much slower speeds, than speedtest.net was showing. On to the help portion. I have noticed now for a week my TMN is averaging around 1-5 mbps, where I normally score 150+ (Comcast cable 125 mbps package). Have verified this score on multiple separate devices on the network (Win 10 machine and s10+ phone), so it is independent of the device accessing the network. For my setup, I use a surfboard 6190 for the modem and Google Wifi for the router. Is the
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