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  1. And I see they also added Tel Aviv and Jerusalem data centers...nice. I wonder who the owners of those DCs are... And anyways, the price and specs seem to still be the same @$9, in Israel... Good night, bro Forgot to mention, kamatera VPS offers 30 days free trial (even tho $9 is super cheap already), and you can request to switch datacenters at any time during the trial and after it, unlimited times. I think at that price it would be best to have 3-5 locations in Israel added to your list, rather than just one, as each one of them has different interna
  2. Note that the selection in your screenshot it for a USA data center, not Israel...
  3. Here is the other URL: https://www.clubvps.com/ But it's best you talk directly with Yohai on Israel business hours.
  4. Best vps hosting in Israel is https://www.kamatera.com/ (aka clubvps). They work with 3 different data centers in Israel: 012, Netvision (both called Rosh Ha-ayin location 1 and Rosh Ha-ayin location 2 respectively) and with the largest ISP in Israel "BezeqInt" called "Petah Tikva location" server. (you can see them listed on speedtest.net by searching "kamatera"). The owner name is Yohai Azulai, he is a great guy and may be willing to cut a deal with you in exchange for advertsing or something, so that you can have 3 different Israel locations to test on, while not paying or paying
  5. You rule for offering this free tool, bro. Add a few more servers and you'll be my idol...lol (especially in the middle east, like Israel...)
  6. Yep, seems to be fine for me now. Thanks.
  7. I'm outside right now, so can only do it later. But aren't the screenshots clear and sufficient?
  8. Tested on several high end computers with the same results. These shots specifically on lenovo m910s pc on 1 gbit cable connection and 500mbit package. Tested downloading 200mb file in both tests.
  9. By the way, both tests were done using single-threaded tests to Singapore from the same TOT Thailand connection/PC and incognito browser page and I reproduced the same discrapancies multiple times.
  10. I found the exact opposite, my results on the new beta version are much slower than the legacy version. vs
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