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  1. This sounds like a problem with the .net framework installer (which is likely built into the QuickBooks installer). There's a couple possibilities here because of .net's requirements. The first thing you'll want to do is to make sure that you're running XP service pack 2. If you're not sure, you can go to Start - Control Panel - Performance and Maintenance - System, and it should tell you if you've got 'SP2' installed. If not, you'll want to run Windows Update, which should update you to the latest service pack. After that, you will probably want to do a manual install or re-install of the .net framework. You can grab the latest version from here. If none of that works, you may have to bite the bullet and call over to Intuit tomorrow and see what needs to be done. Good Luck.
  2. Happy Birthday Aggr3! In the spirit of all good birthdays, Yertle the Turtle, Water, and everyone at TestMy sends you our best wishes and some good old fashion Turtle Power for your birthday!
  3. Podcasts are recordings of sound and/or video that people can download and listen to or watch. They are generally associated with iPods, but they should work on computers with iTunes in general. I hope that helps you.
  4. 99.999% of the time an upgrade is not worth it these days. It's much cheaper and will yield better results in getting a newer system, rather than upgrading an old one. The only real exception to this rule is RAM. If you're using an old computer and just flat out cannot afford a new one, your best bet to speed up the one you currently have is to put more RAM into it (these come in long slender sticks, called SIMMS or DIMMS, and are usually placed right next to the CPU on your computer - generally near the center of the motherboard). You can buy more ram online or at stores like Staples, and it's usually reasonably cheap compared to other upgrades.
  5. Atnevon


    From the asx file you linked, it appears that they are in Windows Media Video format. There are several programs able to bypass copy protections and rip this kind of format to a standard file; however, this may be against the wishes of the person streaming the content. Your best bet is to contact the streaming host and see if they will provide you with a method of downloading a full copy of the file, otherwise you risk being in violation of several areas of the DMCA.
  6. rjventre covered most of the vital details here. You can use Vista on a 1ghz+ system with at least 512MB of RAM, and you aren't required to have a 64 bit processor, as there is both a 64 bit version and a 32 bit version to choose from. Due to compatibility issues, I wouldn't expect too much software to come out that is going to require the 64 bit version be installed; however, several years down the line, we might start to see more of that in the works. The only exception here is that Microsoft has already stated that you will absolutely need the 64 bit version to view DRM protected High Definition video formats, though I can't give you any real technical reasons for this other than that I suspect it is in cooperation with the MPAA's wishes. I hope that helps.
  7. Given your domain name of 'uploadingit.com', I believe that the RIAA most likely had your site listed pretty high on their list of sites to scan for copyrighted material from, which would likely make it scanned much more frequently than, say, iloveflowersandbunnies.com (my site - j/k). Given the appropriate resources and several clusters of servers, it's not too unlikely that you could be contacted automatically in such a short timeframe. With a website, it's very very easy to track down a contact person immediately; however, with peer to peer networks, the RIAA has to jump through quite a few hoops just to get the same info on someone sharing a song, so they're going to have a good amount of resources dedicated to finding the easiest violators to find.
  8. You can feel free to call this a really stupid question, but in my experience, a lot of computers our there that are currently running Windows 98 can run Windows XP without freaking out too badly. Is there any chance you can give us your stats on your computer? What we'd really be looking for would be what kind of processor you have (Pentium 2, Pentium 3, etc.) and how much RAM you have. If your system absolutely cannot take Windows XP, the Winamp plugin route is probably going to be your best option.
  9. Here's some more: http://kaysaronline.com/forum/misc.php?do=showsmilies (hit the bottom)
  10. I have to very strongly disagree on this one. Over the past decade I've have a good variety of jobs, from making pizzas to supervising a parole call center to managing the inner workings of an internet service provider's network, and in every single case I've used algebra at the bare minimum, and in some cases strong calculus and applied it to my work. A lot of times it comes into areas that you may not think of as algebra, but when you take the time to think them out, you'll realize that algebra is exactly what you're doing. For example, say you were working at a pizza joint and a school called up to order 20 pizzas. They order 6 sausage, 6 peperoni, and the rest they want to be extra cheese. When you do the math to find out how many cheese pizzas they need, it comes out to 6 + 6 + x = 20. As others have said, learning algebra in school helps you learn how to work through a problem like that. Now, I'm sure that eventually you would find a way to figure out your answer without using algebra, but it would take you more time to do it, and when you're working at a fast paced job, the difference between 20 seconds to solve a problem and 5 minutes can mean the difference between having a job and not having a job. If you move up the ladder a little higher to something like programming 3d video games, there is quite a bit more math involved than you might ever guess. Pretend you're making a part in a video game where you need to draw a 3 dimensional bell in the game, and to determine how high it swings, you need to figure out the mass of it. To do that, you'll need to find the volume of the bell, but since a bell is such an odd shape, you'll need to actually use calculus to graph the curve of your bell, then flip that curve around a 3 dimensional axis, then graph the inner curve and do the same and subtract them. You might think that's an insane amount of work for a small bell that probably won't mean much to the game at all, but these days everything is about realism in games, and it's becoming harder and harder to get by with anything that doesn't make you wonder if you're looking through a window or looking at a computer screen.
  11. My math is a bit rusty here, so I can't help you with 2 or 3, but with the first one, it's a play on the quadratic expression. When you have an equation like ax^2 + bx + c = 0, x is going to be (-b +/- sqr(b^2-4ac))/2a. In this case, however, the x we're trying to find is actually an x^2. So, for our equation: a = 1 b = -8 c = -9 So, we come up with: x^2 = (8 +/- sqr(-8^2 - 4*1*-9))/2*1 = (8 +/- sqr(64 + 36))/2*1 = (8 +/- sqr(100))/2 = (8 +/- 10)/2 = 18/2 or -2/2 = 9 or -1 So, to find x, instead of x^2, we'd take the square root of our two answers. Since -1 has no square root, we're left with just 9 as a possibility, so, our final answer is 3. I hope that helps.
  12. pepereman, Welcome to the forums. It's always nice to have fresh blood around, so to speak. To help figure out where the problem lies specifically, we'll need to know a little bit more about your problems with your VOIP carrier. Are you experiencing a delay in hearing people, or do they notice a delay in hearing you? Do you at times hear the sound break up like when someone is talking on a cell phone with a bad signal, or are you hearing distorted or garbled sound?
  13. Yay! She sang the swiffer song for me! *does the swiffer dance downstairs where she can't see* Thank you Water
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