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  1. I am not saying this is a good speed tester. But I just think that it is "interesting", in the way that they do it. http://www.numion.com/YourSpeed3/Select.php?Country=&Language=&Top100=0
  2. Does Mcaffe have an option to scan HTTP trafic? That could be where the difference is between users. Perhaps yours is enabled, and hubcities isn't?
  3. Hi all I am from Pittsburgh PA, and ran this test from a house with a poor enough signal to require a whole house amplifier. They just fixed 2 other problems, and one repair job is on it's way. ) My guestimate of the db increase of my signal over the last week is about 15db. I used a New York Server for the download test. I had problems with every upload test that I tried. My connection is 6Mb download and it looks like 684 upload. .:::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 8742 Kbps about 8.74 Mbps (tested with 3151 kB) Download Speed is:: 1067 kB/s Teste
  4. Cable guy was here today, and I found out that yes they did do something a few days ago! It was a problem with an amplifier at a node. But there are also 2 other problems. One is the water in my line (yet again). So they replaced the line today and I gained 5db. And the other? Well, my signals are still too bad at the pole (although not as bad as before they fixed the amplifier at the node), and I have to keep the amplifier hooked up. They said it will be 2 weeks at the most before that is finally fixed. And I should be able to get rid of my amplifier. But here is the real k
  5. Thanx for the welcome. This seems like a really nice forum. Right now, my main concern is for my equipment more than anything. I am not certain if those hum bars indicate a problem that could damage it. But my TV's one board got fried in multiple places. And the repair person could not figure out what caused it. It is a very expensive TV. Anyways, bars running down your screen are annoying. That cable nut program is awesome. And some amazing things happened to my speeds immediately afterwards. Even with my signal problems. But this testing was done at 3AM after the weeken
  6. Wow! I must say that I am impressed! I would be happy to get a tenth of that from Comcast. Congrats!!!! That is something I will never see until Fios moves into my block. Gosh, it is in every neighborhood around me. Even in the same zip code. So close... Perhaps I am one of the projected 30% that will never see it though. Our borough has our poles in our back yards and is swarming with huge trees. Something that can really cause line problems. Fingers crossed though.
  7. My Comcast internet speeds have been terrible for as long as I can remember. Years perhaps, I dunno. The techs tell me that the problem is impossible or too expensive to fix. Being as they need more complaints to fix my signals. Since the problem is somewhere out past my house. They tell me this every time they visit my house. But I live in a major suburb in a major city, so how can that be? Every few months, I give it another college try. Although I usually fail. And they are coming out this week. Is there anything I can say to them to get things fixed this time around?
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